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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Sussex East: Hellingly Lions

About the team

Club was formed in 1946, racing as the Lower Dicker Red Hearts.

The team then built a track  in 1947 at the end of Hackhurst Lane, Lower Dicker,

Unfortunately their success brought many complaints from the locals, including the Bruford family(they managed a very well known jewellers in Eastbourne), who owned a large house adjacent to the track. They objected to the noise and traffic caused by the racing, with many spectators standing in the road itself, which was considered a danger to the public. They were eventually kicked off the track due to the oversize crowds, and moved to Horsebridge Village. Despite their objections, the Bruford family kindly donated a cup to the club, this to be raced for in a individual event.  

2nd track was on the main road at Horsebridge, opposite the McDougalls flour mill, and the team were renamed the Hellingly Lions. They rode their first home match under the new name on the 14th May 1950  against the Baldslow Boomerangs, having previously christened their new team name riding away against Sidley Cyclones the previous week on their new track, winning the away encounter with ease. The old track is now the site of the local scout hut.

Club Manager: J.M. Ellaby, 1 Alberta Terrace, London Road, Hailsham.

Club Secretary: E. Martin, 1 Alberta Terrace, London Road, Hailsham, Sussex.

Team Manager: Norman Martin.

Start Marshall: G. Page.

Team Manager: Mr Jarvis.

Announcer: Ron Winter.

3rd track at Lower Dicker Recreation Ground, Hellingly, Nr Eastbourne, East Sussex(1952).

Track Dimensions: 70yards x 17ft, limestone dust surface.

Club Colours: Red and White.

Raced in the Hastings & District League 1951-1952.

Raced in the Sedlescombe League 1953-1956.

In 1954 George Kirby(a former Royal Navy Lieutenant who had helped Clapham Panthers of London), joined the Lions, raising much needed revenue for the cash strapped club. He arranged for Jenners of Hailsham to display the club's trophies, provided a PA System, and organised a Speedway Ball at the Summerheath Hall in Hailsham in November, this raising £23 14shillings and 6pence for the team.

North London Independent League 1958.

Southern Premier League 1959.

Affiliated to the British Cycle Speedway Federation and raced in the British League at it's inception in 1960, staying in this league until 1969.

Joined the newly formed Southern League in 1970.

Then joined the B.B.C. Radio London League(1981)

Associate members of the B.B.C. Radio London League 1982.

After this raced in the British League South East.

Club Vice President: Lord Hailsham.

Club Manager: George Hollebon, 12 Garfield Road, Hailsham, Sussex.

Club Secretary: Miss G Hollebon(address as George Hollebon)(1964).

Club Secretary: Mrs R. Prodger(address as George Hollebon)(1965).

Club Secretary/Manager: George Hollebon, 47 Sumach Close, Willingdon Trees Estate, Hampden Park, Eastbourne(1978).

Individual Honours.

1952 Pete Smith won the Sussex Individual Championship scoring a 15 point maximum. Runner-up was M. Anscombe(Ticehurst) who scored 14 points, 3rd was Ellaby Martin(Hellingly) scoring 10 points. Meeting took place at Hellingly on the 26th July.

1954 Ron Smith won the Sedlescombe League Individual Championship.

1955 Ron Smith won the Sedlescombe Individual Championship with 14 points, runner up after a run-off was John Moore(Rolvenden), and 3rd was Harry Fieldwick(Broad Oak), both riders scoring 12 points. The meeting took place at Broad Oak. 

1956 Ron Smith came runner-up in the Sedlescombe League Individual Championship scoring 13 points. The winner was John Moore of Rolvenden, who scored 14 points. The meeting took place at Hellingly on the 7th July.

1960 George Hollebon won the Sussex Riders Championship at Brighton, after a run-off with Mike Hobden of Worthing, both having scored 13 points. Third place went to Ron Smith, this again after a run-off with Dave Peacock(who incidentally shed a chain during the run-off itself) of Brighton, both riders scoring 11 points. 

1962 Tom Killick won the Sussex Riders Championship at Broad Oak, this after a run-off with Ron Holvey of Crawley, both riders having scored 14 points. 3rd was Mike Green, the only rider to beat Tom Killick.

1964 John Myles(13) won the Champion of Champions meeting, Ray Chivers(13) of South London Rangers was runner-up, 3rd was Ken Adams(12) of Leicester Monarchs.

1964 Tom Killick(14) won the Hellingly Supporters Trophy, runner-up was John Myles(12), after a run-off with Geoff Smith(Beckenham Monarchs).

Team Honours.

1951 won the RAFA Cup.

1951 won the Sussex County Section of the News Chronicle Trophy, beating Ridge Eagles 52-44.

1952 Hastings & District League Champions(21 points), runners-up Hollington Hammers(13 points).

1952 won the Sussex County Section of the News Chronicle Trophy.

1952 won the Criterion Cup.

1955 won the Sedlescombe League, beating Broad Oak Aces in a re-run match. Other teams in the league were: Rolvenden Rockets; Sidley Cyclones; Hawkhurst Hawks.

1956 won the Sedlescombe League, scoring 22 points. Runners-up were Broad Oak Aces(14 points), 3rd Cobbs Wood Eagles(12 points), 4th Rolvenden Rockets(0 points).

1963 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating South London Rangers 57-50 at Bournemouth.

1970 won the newly formed Southern League plus the Gold Cup.

1995 won the British Under 22 Team Championship, beating Leicester 91-87 at Sandwell.                   

Scorers: Hellingly: Ian Pelling 17; Andy Pelling 16; Martyn Hollebon 15; Steve Crow 12; Robert Collins 11; Barrie Geer 10; Joe Plumstead 9; Wesley Oosthuizen 1.  Leicester: Jim Pratt 16; Kevin Burns 14; Craig Marchant 13; Nigel Wragg 13; Wayne Evans 11; Craig Whitehead 8; Frank Wilford 7; Peter Muldane 5.  Ref: Mr Bob Prince.

National League Champions 2003 & 2004.

Racing Results:


Hellingly 92. Barry Weaver 20; Brian Davidson 16; John Myles 15; Tom Killick 14; Ron Smith 8; L. Cox 8; D. Davidson 7; S. Killick 4.

Horspath 68. Wally Grant 14; S. Lockyer 12; G. Thomas 9; Geoff Gamage 9; P. Tyler 8; K. Smith 8; N. Whistler 6; P. Doyle 2.

Hellingly 64. John Myles 12; Tom Killick 11; Ron Smith 8; Brian Davidson 8; L. Cox 7; Barry Weaver 7; D. Davidson 6; George Hollebon 5.

Tottenham 89. Vic Haines 20; John Cobbin 17; Paul Hooper 14; Dave Collins 10; Len Adams 10; Malcolm Reading 7; Paul Donaghy 7; Bernie Cable 7.

Hellingly 84.5. Tom Killick 16; John Myles 13; Barry Weaver 12.5; Brian Davidson 12; S. Killick 9; George Hollebon 8; Ron Smith 8; L. Cox 6.

Thurrock 70.5. Mick Trangmar 13.5; Larry Marshall 13; R. Trangmar 11; J. Nelder 8; B. Beadle 8; J. Rigby 7; J. Gray 5; Bill Gill 5.

Speedway Riders.

Colin Ackroyd rode for Oxford.

Barry Weaver rode for Bradford 1975.


1950s - 1970s.

  • Colin Ackroyd
  • Mick Barnard
  • Dick Bennett
  • N. Bennett
  • .... Bettger
  • Alan Boniface
  • Johnny Bradley
  • M. Brett
  • Mike Corby
  • D. Cox
  • L. Cox
  • R. Cox
  • Brian Cree
  • Martin Cree
  • Dave Crouch
  • Brian Davidson
  • D. Davidson
  • Terry Elliott
  • Gary Francis
  • .... Goddard
  • Mick Green
  • Pete Harper
  • Roy Hazelden
  • George Hollebon
  • Ian Jolly
  • Mike Keeley
  • S. Killick
  • Tom Killick(capt)
  • Alan Knights
  • D. Lancaster
  • Roy Lancaster
  • John Landgridge
  • Ellaby Martin
  • Mick Martin
  • Ray Medhurst
  • Ron Medhurst
  • Bob Mitchell
  • John Myles
  • Paul Norris
  • Sean O'Neill
  • Aubrey Page
  • Gordon Page
  • F. Parsons
  • Bernard Parsons
  • Ray Prodger
  • Maurice Richardson
  • Robin Richardson
  • T. Richardson
  • Dave Rodgers
  • Pete Saunders
  • Barry Skinner
  • Bernie Smith
  • Graham Smith
  • John "Blackie" Smith
  • Pete Smith
  • Ron Smith
  • Tom Smith
  • Peter Tester
  • John Turner
  • Gary Walder
  • Fred Warker
  • Paul Washer
  • Barry Weaver
  • Ron Winter
  • Dick Wise


  • A. Boniface
  • K. Coombes
  • Sam Craddock
  • S. Curtis
  • Alan Field
  • Dave Ford
  • Martyn Hollebon
  • Neil Hollebon
  • Zak Parsons
  • D. Prodger
  • R. Prodger
  • Eddie Ridley
  • D. Williams

1990 +

  • Jamie Cheshire
  • Robert Collins
  • Steve Collins
  • Steve Crow
  • Barry Geer
  • Martyn Hollebon
  • Neil Hollebon
  • Stu Hollebon
  • Wesley Oosthuizen
  • Andy Pelling
  • Ian Pelling
  • Joe Plumstead
  • Darren Prodger
  • Eddie Ridley
  • Gary Walder
  • Lee Williams

2000 +

  • Kelsey Dugard
  • Neil Hollebon
  • Martyn Hollebon
  • Eddie Ridley