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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Suffolk: Claydon Greyhounds

About the team

Originally the Claydon Cyclones(formed in 1947).

The track was on grass, close to the river, but the farmer disapproved of the damage to the grass by cycles, and the team were forced to move.

They then moved to Barham Broom, and became the Barham Bears.

This track was mainly sandy soil, and the bends very quickly dropped away, needing constant track attention.

In 1950 they moved once again, this time to the rear of the Greyhound Public House, becoming the Claydon Greyhounds.

Raced in Deben Area League 1950s/60s.

Also Gipping Valley League 1950s/60s.

Club President: H.E. Phillips Esq(1950s).

Club Vice Presidents: J. Morgan Esq; P.H. Jary Esq; C. Giles Esq(all 1950s).

General Manager/Secretary: Bernard "Rocky" Morgan, 4 Star Cottages, Norwich Road, Claydon(1950s).

Club Secretary: Bernard Morgan, 38 Kirby Rise, Barham, Claydon, Ipswich, Suffolk(1960s).

Club Secretary: Derek Lockwood, 12 Station Road, Claydon.

Individual Honours:

1950 Kenny Keeble rode for England at the Empress Hall against Holland.

1950 Brian Wolton won the Burlington Trophy, runner-up Ken Keeble.

1951 Ken Keeble won the Mars Suffolk Individual Trophy, runner-up Roy Webb (Ipswich Pirates).

1952 Ernie Smith won the Mars Suffolk County Individual Championship.

1953 Ernie Smith(15) won the Suffolk County Individual Championship at Claydon. Runner-up Derek Lockwood(13), 3rd E. Green(11) of the Vampire Aces.

1953 27th Sept John Glazin(14) won the Suffolk Individual(Bryden trophy) at Kesgrave. Runner-up after a three man run-off was John Brett(Kesgrave), 3rd B. Warren(Kesgrave), 4th E. Green(Vampires), all three riders scoring 12 points.

1955 Derek Lockwood won the Suffolk Grand Prix.

1955 Derek Lockwood & John Glazin won the "Brett Trophy"(Suffolk Best Pairs).

1956 Derek Lockwood won the Suffolk Individual(Bryden Trophy).

1957 Derek Lockwood came runner up in the Suffolk Individual.

1958 Derek Lockwood came runner up in National Individual Final.

1961 Martin Page(15) won the Suffolk Senior Individual at Fen Meadow, runner up Derek Lockwood(14), 3rd M. Knock(12), 4th Patrick Ryan(11)

1961 Martin Page won the Suffolk Junior Individual(Long John Silver Trophy), runner-up Steve Prentice(Wildcats), 3rd Bill Prentice(Whippits).

1962 Derek Lockwood(15) won the Suffolk Senior Individual at Claydon, Runner up John Earrey(12), 3rd M. Knock(11), 4th Ian Stalllard(11).

1962 Derek Lockwood & Alan Ford won the Suffolk Best Pairs.

1963 Derek Lockwood won the Suffolk Grand Prix.

1963 Alan Ford(13) won the Suffolk Indidual(Bryden trophy), Chris Gooch(13)(Woodbridge) runner-up, John Earrey(12)(Kesgrave) 3rd, Derek Lockwood(12) 4th.

1963 Alan Ford & Derek Lockwood won the Suffolk "Brett" Best Pairs,  runners up Trevor Jones/John Earrey(Kes).

1973 Mick Turner won the Suffolk grand Prix at Claydon with 14 points. Three riders tied on 12 points - Kevin Sutton-David Morgan-Graham Elliott(Woodbridge).

Team Honours:

1950 Won the Suffolk North Trophy & Crane Cup, runners-up Whitton Aces.

1950 won the Suffolk Round of the National Team Championship, but lost the Inter County round to Hellesdon Hammers(Norfolk).

1951 won the Suffolk Round of the National Team Championship, but lost the Inter County round to Tuddenham Rangers(Norfolk).

1951 Won the Suffolk North Trophy, runners up Ipswich Pirates.

1951 Won the Ipswich & District League, runners-up Ipswich Pirates.

1951 Won the Battle of Britain Trophy, runners up Ipswich Pirates.

1951 Won the Deben League.

1952 Won the Ipswich & District League, runners-up Ipswich Vampires.

1952 Won the Deben League.

1953 Won the Ipswich League Div 1, runners-up Kesgrave Panthers, 3rd Ipswich Vampires.

1953 Won the Suffolk North Trophy, runners-up Ipswich Vampires.

1953 Won the Suffolk League Div 1 Title, runners-up Ipswich Vampires.

1953 Won the Battle of Britain Trophy, runners-up Needham Robins. This match was raced over two legs, Claydon winning the 1st leg at home by four points, but lost the 2nd leg under floodlights by one point with only six riders at Needham.

1953. Beaten by Edmonton Saints in the quarter final of the National Area team champs at Walthamstow. Score 62 - 48.

1954 won the NACSA Suffolk County Team Championship against Ipswich Vampires, forcing a draw at Felixstowe, but winning the re-run at Kesgrave.

1954 won the Suffolk County League Championship.

1954 Won the Suffolk North Trophy, runners-up Woodbridge Wildcats.

1954 Won the Battle of Britain Trophy, runners-up Kesgrave Panthers. However, they lost the National Trophy round to Stratford Hammers.

1955 Won the Gipping Valley League, runners-up Copdock Racers

1955 Won the Cole Cup, runners-up Flowton Falcons.

1955 beat Wicklewood Owls(Norfolk) away, being the first team in Suffolk to win a match outside the County.

1957 Winners of the Suffolk County League.

1957 Winners of the Crane Cup.

1960 Runners up in the National Junior Team Final at Hungerford, beaten by Southampton Vikings 52 - 20.

1961 Winners of the League Spring Cup, runners-up Kesgrave Panthers.

Test Matches.

On 13th Sept 1953 a Test Match took place between Suffolk and Herts at Claydon.

Suffolk A 50: Ernie Smith 13; Ron Bagley 8; John Glazin 7; John Brett 8; Brian Walton 5; E. Green 7; David Titshall 2.

Herts A 57: Scorers not known.

Suffolk B 53: David Titshall 7; L. Rice 9; P. Ford 14; Derek Lockwood 6; J. Jerman 3; John Gorham 13; Terry Smith 1.

Herts B 54: Scorers not known. 

On Sunday 1st Sept 1963 a Test Match took place between Suffolk and Essex at Claydon.

Suffolk 47: David Hammond 3; Buster Knock 0; Pat Ryan 1; Chris Gooch 12; Derek Lockwood 6; Alan Ford 10; Ian Stallard 2; Keith Moxon 7; Trevor Jones(res) 6.

Essex 56:  Eric Hemsley 8; Austen Horrex 5; J. Moremont 11; Terry Howse 7; Roger Rolph 10; B. Kemsley 8; John Butler 4; John Berry 3.

Speedway Riders.

Mick Hines and Mike Lanham both rode for Ipswich amongst their many clubs.


  • S.Adams
  • .... Allum
  • Eric Balaam
  • Mick Banyard
  • H. Barfield
  • Monty Beaumont
  • Dick Benstead
  • Pete Bloomfield
  • A. Caley
  • D. Charles
  • R. Cook
  • T. Crouch
  • .... Crowe
  • Les Cubitt
  • Vic Cubitt
  • G. Cutting
  • J. Doe
  • G. Doubleday
  • Kenny Fish
  • Alan Ford
  • Stanley Ford
  • W. Garrod
  • John Glazin
  • D. Hales
  • Alan Harvey
  • Mick Hines
  • Clive Hiskey
  • Colin "Tot" Hiskey
  • H. Holland
  • R. Holland
  • Les Hood
  • Howard
  • Kelvin Humphrey
  • .... Jones
  • C. Keeble
  • Fred Keeble
  • Kenny Keeble
  • Mick "Shorty" Keeble
  • C. Kerry
  • Mike Lanham
  • Brian Last
  • R. Last
  • David Lockwood
  • Derek Lockwood
  • B. Merchant
  • Bernard "Rocky" Morgan
  • Peter Moxon
  • T. Nunn
  • D. Oxborough
  • Martin Page
  • M. Palmer
  • John Parker
  • .... Payne
  • Ivan Peters
  • C. Pipe
  • Peter Podd
  • Keith Prentice
  • W. Prentice
  • P. Reynolds
  • I. Robinson
  • Jim Robinson
  • J. Rogers
  • Ken Rogers
  • Tony Rookyard(1962)
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Derek Saunders
  • R. Scales
  • Malcolm Scrivener
  • M.E. Shaw
  • M.I. Shaw
  • Ernie Skinner
  • B. Smith
  • Clive Smith
  • Ernie Smith
  • Roy Smith
  • .... Smythe
  • R. Soales
  • .... Speed
  • F. Squirrel
  • J. Squirrel
  • Ian Stallard
  • Nigel Stannard
  • G. Stone
  • P. Stone
  • Robert 'Bob' Studd
  • J. Thompson
  • .... Thornhill
  • D. Watson
  • Charlie Webb
  • Bryan Walton
  • Eric Wolton


  • Tony Asherwood
  • Chris Askew
  • James Blaxcell
  • Stephen Bugg
  • Neville Childs
  • Sam Clarke
  • Darrell Cook
  • David Crawford
  • Paul Deeves
  • Vincent Eade
  • John Feaviour
  • Roy Feaviour
  • Ken Grimwood
  • Peter Grimwood
  • Michael Hinchliffe
  • Robert Hinchliffe
  • Keith Keeble
  • Alan Larter
  • Steve Mann
  • David Morgan
  • Gary Morgan
  • Tim Ostler
  • Simon Phillips
  • David Smith
  • Ted Sparrow
  • Alan Speed
  • Phil Stannard
  • Colin Stone
  • Kevin Sutton
  • Mick Turner
  • Roy Turner
  • John Williams