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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Surrey: Old Woking Jets

About the team

Track was in Rydens Way, Old Woking, Surrey.

Raced in the Surrey Div 1 North League(1951/52).

Raced in the South West Surrey League.

Club President: Mr Arthur English(Comedian).

Club Manager: Mr Len Pike.

Interesting Items.

Club made collections during racing days on a Sunday, and donated £1 of this to St Peter's Church, Old Woking, this to appease the ill feeling towards the club by the church, which accused the club of taking away many of it's churchgoers. They received a letter of thanks, followed by another letter from the Church Warden, a Mr Humphrey Ryde, stating that he could not condone racing on a Sunday as it kept the boys away from Sunday School, and therefore no further donations could be accepted. The money donated however was not returned(1951).

In a famous challenge between Arthur English and Daily Mirror Sports Boss Tom Phillips(president of the Send Mustangs), a bet was issued, with Arthur putting up his famous tie, and Tom offering his shirt. Arthur duly won the three race challenge 2-0, and was gracefully presented with Tom's shirt. Fortunately he had another one underneath, this being the one presented to him by Randy Turpin after he won the World title by beating Sugar Ray Robinson. There were over 2,000 spectators on the day, many of whom had come to see these two celebrities in action. After the challenge was completed, a further race took place between Arthur English and Mr Pike(the Jets team manager), and Tom Phillips and Mr Lucas(the Mustangs team manager). Once again Arthur was the victor, with Tom trailing in last. After these challenge races, the Jets, undefeated so far in the South West Surrey League, beat Guildford Greyhounds by 48 - 44. In a friendly match after this the Mustangs had their first victory of the season, beating Old Woking Cobras(the Jets second team) by 49.5 - 45.5. Arthur had just started his career in Vaudeville, and had gained a reputation as a spiv.

Speedway Riders.

Johnny Bacon became a speedway rider, but was tragically klled on a speedway track in Holland.


  • Johnny Bacon
  • Geoff 'Squire' Bunce
  • G. Cable
  • Roy 'Cass' Cable
  • Les Cannon
  • A. Churchill
  • P. Crowe
  • T. Crowe
  • M. Gallagher
  • Peter 'Johnny' Johnson
  • Johnny King
  • Micky 'Shorty' King
  • Johnny Lloyd
  • R, Palmer
  • B. Robinson
  • Peter Sharp
  • Freddie 'Truller' Truscott
  • T. Truscott
  • Trevor Tucker
  • M. Webb