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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Surrey: Raynes Park Tigers

About the team

Team formed in 1950.

Track was in Morden Park, opposite Morden South Railway Station.

Raced in Southern Premier League Div 1 1953/54.

Club Manager: R. Cooper, 73 Dorien Road, Raynes Park SW20.

Team Manager/Secretary: John Barden, 19 Aboyne Drive, Raynes Park SW20.

Club Secretary: Len Kitching, 17 The Mount, Worcester Park, Surrey(1960s).

Team Manager: Fred Lawrence(1963/4).

Team Manager: Mr P. Worthington(1964).

Club Treasurer: Mr F. Mercer(1964).

Club Manager: R.G. Huggins(1966).

Club Secretary: J. Martin, 43 Hampton Road, Worcester Park, Surrey(1965/66).

Club Treasurer: Mick Hosier(1966).

Raced in the North West Middlesex League, plus the Southern Premier League.

Raced in the London & Home Counties League.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1963/64(Div 1), 1965(Div 2) and 1966(Div 1).

Raced in the Home Counties League 1969.

Raced in the newly formed Surrey League 1964.

New team colours were introduced in 1964. Black & yellow striped breastplates with yellow jerseys, blue denim jeans, yellow & black socks.

Club disbanded during 1970.

True Facts.

Bill Biggs was tragically killed in a road accident, when he fell from a van on 23rd March 1960.

Individual Honours.

1955 Fred Lawrence won the Southern Premier Individual Championship.

1957 Dave Chivers won the Southern Area Championship.

1958 Dave Chivers won the Southern Area Championship at Garrett park.

1959 Dave Chivers(14) won the English League Riders Championship(The Britannia Shield) , runner up Roy Baker(S/London), 3rd Les Westwood(Edmonton).

1960 Dave Chivers(12) won British Individual Championship at War Memorial Ground, Hungerford, runner up Ewie Edwards(12) Birmingham, 3rd Wally Dighton(11) Raynes Park, 4th Vinny Marsland(11) Gorton.

1960 Wally Dighton came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1962 Dave Chivers came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1962 Wally Dighton won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up Barry Daws(Horspath), 3rd Ray Chivers(South London).

1963 Dave Chivers won the Home Counties Individual Championship.

1963 Dave Chivers won the Southampton Grand Prix.

1963 Dave Chivers won the Brian Biggs Memorial Trophy.

1964 Ray Chivers(12) won the Pride of the Midlands Trophy, runner-up was Ken Adams(11), 3rd was John Cobbin(10)

1967 Mick Hosier won the Home Counties Junior Individual Final with a 15 point maximum. Runner-up was Steve Brownsell(13), and 3rd was J. Reece(11.5)

Team Honours.

1956 Southern Premier League Champions.

1957 Southern Premier League Champions.

1957 reached the Final of the NTC, being beaten by Carrs Wood at Wormwood Scrubs 47-49.

1958 Southern Premier League Champions, runners-up South London Rangers.

1958 won the Saunders Trophy, runners-up Beckenham Monarchs.

1958 Jack Hulbert Shield, runners-up South London Rangers.

1959 Southern Premier League Champions.

1960 National Senior Team Champions, beating Linsdale Lions(Yorks) 53 - 43 at Hungerford, Berks.

1965 Tony Johnson & Bob Saunders came runners-up in the White City Invitation Senior Best Pairs.

1967 won the Home Counties Division Two West Championship undefeated(never dropped a point). Then beat Hawbush Hammers, winners of the Home Counties Division Two East with resounding wins home and away to take The Home Counties Division Two Championship overall. 

1967 won the Home Counties Second Division Knock Out Cup Final at Uxbridge, beating Hawbush Hammers 59-37.

Club Honours.

The 1964 British Senior Individual Final was held at Morden Park. The Referee was Lionel Baldwin(Berkshire). The winner was Vic Hinchliffe(Offerton-Cheshire) scoring 14 points, runner-up was Derek Garnett(Offerton) after a run-off with Pete Bury(Gorton-Manchester) after both riders had scored 11 points. Other scorers: Vinny Marsland(Gorton) 10, Graham Swan(Swindon) 10, Will Truslove(Keresley-Warks) 10, John Watling(Gorton) 9, Colin Wheeler(Southampton) 8, Paul Rennie(Gorton) 8, Barry Shapley(Earlsdon) 6, Tony Hardy(Offerton) 5, Dixie Dean(Uxbridge) 5, John Mills(Southampton) 4, Johnnie Brooks(Estuary-Essex) 3, Sid Russell(Wembley) 3, Brian Munns(Keresley) reserve 2, Glyn Brimson(Tolworth) 1.

The 1964 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Morden Park. The Referee was Mr Rex Smith(Berkshire). The winner was Joe Hatton(Belle Vue-Manchester) with 13 points, runner-up was Chris Hunt(Wembley) after a run-off with Paul Rennie(Gorton-Manchester), both riders having scored 12 points. Other scorers: Keith Jago(East Ham-East London) 11, Dave McCue(Whiterock-Staffs) 10, Val Hockley(Eastuary-Essex) 9, John Watchman(Openshaw-Manchester) 8, Dave Roman(Bristol) 7, Robert Ross(Offerton-Cheshire) 6, Dave Worthington(Raynes Park) 6, Rod Mills(Southampton) 6, Rob Hardie(Earlsdon-Warks) 6, Rob Carter(Brandon-Warks) 5, Steve Bates(Blackley-Manchester) 4, Brian Card(Offerton) 2, Dave Higginson(Adswood-Cheshire) 2.

Speedway Riders:

Alan Brett rode for Aldershot.

Steve Chilman rode for Wimbledon.

Dave Freeborn rode for Eastbourne.

Denis Hall rode Speedway ?

John Mills rode for Wimbledon - Long Eaton - Kings Lynn and Bristol.

Geoff Penniket rode for New Cross - Poole - Newport -  Kings Lynn and Workington.

Roy Trigg rode for Wimbledon - Hackney - Cradley Heath - Oxford - Newport and Poole.

Frank Ebdon became a speedway referee.


  • Tony Ackland
  • Charlie Aldridge
  • B. Allnutt
  • Pete Andrews
  • Eric Avenall
  • Lennie Baker
  • Roy Baker
  • Mick Bartlett
  • Fred Bedford
  • Bill Biggs
  • Brian Biggs
  • Johnny Braden
  • Alan Brett
  • Glen Brimson
  • Derek Cattle
  • Steve Chilman
  • Dave Chivers
  • Ray Chivers
  • Rob Coleman
  • Ted Cracknell
  • Alan Cross
  • Godfrey Cummings
  • Ken Dare
  • C. Davis
  • Wally Dighton
  • Alan Dyson
  • Frank Ebdon
  • Dave Freeborne
  • Tommy Frost
  • Ray Gingell
  • G. Grey
  • Denis Hall
  • Alan Hannam
  • Mick Hannam
  • M. Harding
  • Geoff Harris
  • D. Hasler
  • Nobby Hasler
  • Dennis Hennessy
  • .... Hills
  • Mick Hosier
  • Mike Huggins
  • Tony Johnson
  • Tony Jones
  • Johnny King
  • Len Kitching
  • Ron Krelle
  • Brian Larrard
  • Fred Lawrence(capt)
  • John Lipscombe
  • Pete Long
  • Robin Lynn
  • Jeff Martin
  • Dave Mercer
  • John Mills
  • Pete Milton
  • Malcolm Mumford
  • Terry Mussett
  • M. Oakes
  • Pete Page
  • B. Patching
  • Mick Paterson
  • Geoff Pennikett
  • Roger Rayment
  • Reg Renwick
  • Paul Richardson
  • Pete Rides(1960-63)
  • Sam Sabourne
  • Dick Smith
  • Micky Smith
  • Trevor Smith
  • Reggie Squires
  • Phil Tait
  • Barry Taylor
  • Frank Toefield
  • Roy Trigg
  • John Tutin
  • Sid Umney
  • Charlie Vaughan
  • Brian Webb(1961)
  • Stuart Whitlam
  • Stan Woodley
  • Dave Worthington

Late 60s Team.

  • Tony Ackland
  • Chris Bacon
  • Glynn Brimson
  • S. Butler
  • Dave Chivers
  • Dave Clarke(1966)
  • Ken Dare
  • Frank Ebdon
  • .... Hannam
  • Geoff Harris
  • Gary Hills
  • Rob Hills
  • Mick Hosier
  • Robin Huggins
  • Tony Johnson
  • Johnny King
  • Len Kitching
  • Brian Lamond
  • Fred Lawrence
  • Roy Marrable
  • Jeff Martin
  • M. Mathews
  • Dave Mercer
  • Rob Mills
  • Malc Mumford
  • Dick Naylor
  • P. Pitts
  • David Pyke
  • Paul Richardson
  • Bob Saunders
  • Chris Searle
  • Rod Sheppard
  • Reggie Squires
  • Rob Squires
  • P. Stubbings
  • Phil Tait
  • Barry Taylor
  • Dave Taylor
  • S. Taylor
  • Pete West
  • Stuart Whitlam
  • Dave Worthington
  • L. Yeates