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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Hertfordshire: Bushey Kangaroos

About the team

Track was in Windmill Lane, Bushey Heath.

Were originally named the Bushey Aces, these then were taken over by Bricket Wood Kangaroos in 1957.

Became known as the Bushey Kangaroos in 1958.

Raced in the North West Middlesex League

Raced in the London & Home Counties League.

Club Secretary: Frank Males, 85 Windmill Lane, Bushey Heath, Herts(1962).

Became the Bushey Saints in 1964.

Individual Honours.

1960 Pete Saunders(12) won the Home Counties Individual Championship, runner-up was Bill Punter(11) Harefield, 3rd Ken Archer(10) Southern Nomads.

1961 Brian Gillett(12) won the Hertfordshire Senior Individual, runner up Adrian Green, 3rd Frank Males, and 4th C. Brabant, all three riders scoring 11 points.

1961 Adrian Green won the Hertfordshire Junior Individual.

1966 Brian Gillett & Pete Saunders came runners-up in the White City Invitation Senior Best Pairs.

Interesting Facts(continued from Bushey Aces).

Formed in 1958 from the Bricket Wood Kangaroos/Bushey Aces Teams, the Bushey Kangaroos engaged in many successful tours, visiting Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire and Wiltshire. It was during one of these tours to Swindon and Cleverton that Frank's and Bob Saunders's transport failed to arrive, so they had to travel by a  London Black Taxi with their bikes strapped on the roof rack over the Wiltshire Downs - a very unusual sight in those days.

Many County and area honours were being won by the Kangaroos during this period. New electric operated starting gates came into operation and upgrading of the track and surrounding area was completed. there was a far better presentation, with a wider publicity involved in the operation. Insurance was taken out to cover the track, riders and machines against damage during official meetings. Two sets of new Jumpers and Breast plates were purchased, together with a 6ft x 4ft Team Flag.

In 1964 Bushey Kangaroos changed their name to Bushey Saints(continued under Bushey Saints). 



  • J. Ashdown
  • .... Barnard
  • Ted "Cowboy" Bodman
  • Fred Boutell
  • Wal Bracey
  • Dave Dunlop
  • Martin Dunlop
  • T. Fensome
  • Pedro Fiander
  • S. Foskett
  • Bill Gadsby
  • Brian "Split" Gillett(capt)
  • Johnny Gillett
  • P. Gordon
  • Adrian Green
  • .... Gurney
  • Vic Higgs
  • .... Huckley
  • Chris Hunt
  • Bill Jeffkin
  • Pete Lipscombe
  • Steve Lishman
  • Frank "Mungo" Males
  • J. Males
  • Dennis Mannucci
  • .... Playford
  • Bob Rome
  • Bob Saunders
  • Pete Saunders(vice capt)
  • Barry Shapley
  • S. Soper
  • M. Trueman
  • Roy Tuthill
  • Gerry Wallis
  • .... Whitmill
  • Ted Wildman
  • .... Wise