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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Dorset: Alderney Stars

About the team

Club was originally called the Alderney Devils.

Changed name to the 'Stars' at the end of 1960.

Club Secretary: Mr Joe Dicker, 29 Guernsey Road, Alderney, Poole, Dorset(1960s).

Club Colours: Yellow with Black Stars.

In 1961 entered two teams(A + B) into the new Poole & District League.

The club was presented with a new set of starting gates by the Poole outlet of British Drug Houses Ltd, a major national Chemical company, this being featured in an article published by the Poole & Dorset Herald newspaper.

Poole's deputy Borough Engineer, Mr R.F. Hawker, performed the track's opening ceremony during the second week of April 1961, after which a challenge match was ridden against a visiting select side.

Individual Honours.

1961 Gordon Day won the club senior individual.

1961 Graham Dicker won the club junior individual.

Speedway Riders.

Mike Cake rode for Plymouth, Exeter & Poole.

Gordon Day was the Media & PR Manager at Poole 1994 - 2010.


  • Tony Batey
  • Graham Brown
  • Mike Cake
  • Dave Corredor
  • Gordon Day(A capt)
  • Graham Dicker
  • John Doble
  • Peter Doble
  • Alwyn Dominey
  • Micky Kearl
  • Ian Kitcher
  • Keith Maidment
  • Paul Merryfield
  • Richard Struggles
  • Dave Terrell
  • Alan Thomas
  • Nick Whiffen
  • Brian Woodrow(B capt)