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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Dorset: Tatnam Tigers

About the team

Team formed in 1957.

Track was in the Old Wareham Road, Newtown, Poole.

Team Colours: Red & Yellow.

Track Length: 72 yards. Track Record 38.8 secs - held by Andy Bright(Aug 27th 1958).

Club Secretary/Manager: Mr A. Bright, 13 Harbour Hill Crescent, Poole(also 117 High Street, Poole).

Team Manager: Mr J, Bradley, 133 Albert Road,Parkestone, Poole, Dorset.

Raced in the National League 1961(1st season of this new league).

In 1961 entered two teams(A & B) in the new Poole & District League.

Changed their name to the Poole Tigers for the 1963 season.

Individual Honours.

1957 Andy Bright won the first National U16 Junior Individual Final at Wormwood Scrubs, London. He had a run-off with Stan Thompson of Southend, after both riders had scored 13 points. Third was Ivan Thomas of Swindon, who scored 12 points.

1958 Dave Tarr(14) won the Dorset Individual Championship, runner-up Andy Bright(13), 3rd Denny Lilley(12).

1958 Mike Holmes(14) won the Dorset Jumior Individual Champs, runner-up Roger Nicholson(13).

1958 Andy Bright(11) won the Poole Riders Championship Final, runner-up Donny Lilley(10), 3rd Davy Watkins(10), 4th Mike Holmes(10).

1960 Alan Nippard(15) won the Hampshire Grand Prix at Bournemouth. runner up was Mike Holmes(14), and 3rd was Ken Pitfield(12) of Bournemouth.

1961 Andy Bright(14) won the Dorset Senior Individual, runner up was Roger Nicholson(12), third place was a four way tie between Alan Nippard, Dave Tarr, Pete Barnes & Robbie Frampton, who all scored 11 points. 

1961 Alan Cherrett(11) won the Dorset Junior Individual, runner up was Colin Saunders(8).

1961 Dave Watkins(13) won the Poole Senior Individual championship, runner up was Roger Nicholson after a run-off with David Cox(Upton Eagles), both riders scoring 12 points.

1961 Dave Tarr(11) won the Berkshire Grand Prix at Hungerford, runner up after a run-off was Andy Bright, 3rd Brian Moston, both riders scoring 10 points.

Team Honours.

1962 Southern League Champions, and runners up in the National Team Championship.

Interesting Facts.

The 1961 Poole & District League Officials were:

Hon President: Mr C.J. Knott jnr - Chairman: Mr R. Frampton - Secretary: Mr A. Bright - Treasurer: Mr J. Dicker - Press Officer: Mr J. Cook.     Mr Knott was a joint promoter of the Southampton and Poole Speedway Clubs.

Speedway Riders.

Mike Cake rode for Poole - Exeter and Plymouth.


  • Mike Banks
  • Pete Barnes
  • Andy Bright
  • Mike Cake
  • Colin "Tich"  Carter
  • Eddie Chappell
  • Alan Cherrett
  • Barry Cherrett
  • Dave Cox
  • .... Cross
  • Gordon Day
  • .... Drewitt
  • Brian Drison
  • .... Dyett
  • Robby Frampton
  • John Hall
  • Alan Hardy
  • Gerry Hayes
  • Tim Hayes
  • John Hector
  • Mike Holmes
  • Dennis "Denny" Lilly
  • Graham Lilly
  • Keith Marks
  • Alan Nippard
  • Roger Nicholson
  • Keith Norman
  • Dave O'Hare
  • Frank Payne
  • Derek Phillips
  • Alan Power
  • Colin Sanders
  • Dave Tarr(capt)
  • Denny Tarr
  • John Tarr
  • .... Wale
  • Dave Watkins
  • Pete Woodrow