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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Leicestershire : Leicester Monarchs

About the team

Track at Slater Street(Frog Island) Leicester.

Moved there 1962.

In the 1970s the track was rebuilt at 90 degrees to it's original position, this to allow for the new St Margarets Way dual carriageway.

Track Dimensions: 85yards x 15ft, red shale surface.

Club Colours: Gold with Blue trim.

Affiliated to the British Cycle Speedway Federation.

Club Managers: Mr Harvey(pre 1964) and John Greaves(1964).

Club Secretary: John Knock, 61 Kamloops Crescent, St Matthew's Estate, Leicester(1964).

Club Secretary: Colin Warren, 119 Beaumont Leys Lane, Stocking Farm Estate, Leicester!1965).

Club Secretary: Barrie Peel, 79 Martin Street, Leicester(1966).

Team Manager: Jock McPate(1960s).

Club Chairman: Steve Cobley(1978).

Club Secretary/Manager: Harry Glover, 658 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester(1978).

Club Financial Manager: Bruce Ward(1978).

Raced in the Northern Premier League Div 1.

Individual Honours.

1963 Ken Adams won the Leicester Minors Derby Trophy, runner up was Joe Bailey(Manchester), 3rd Colin Wheeler (Southampton)

1964 Harry Glover(11) won the English League Riders Championship at Garratt Park, runner up Mike Parkins(Norwich Stars) after a run off with Len Adams(3rd) of Tottenham Kangaroos and Barry Dawes(4th) of Horspath Hammers, all three riders scoring 10 points.

1964 Ken Adams(15 max) won the Cleverton Easter Trophy, Clive Hurrell(14) of Hellesdon Lions was runner-up, 3rd was Mike Parkins(12) of Norwich Stars.

1964 Ken Adams(15 max) won the Leicester Minors Derby Trophy, runner up Colin Wheeler(14) of Southampton Vikings, 3rd John Knock(10) of Leicester Monarchs, after a run-off with Roger Ellis(Wolverhampton) and John Sanderson(Leicester).

1964 Harry Glover(13) won the Ken McKinlay Shield, runner-up was Mike Parkins(12) of Norwich Stars after a run-off with Clive Hurrell (Hellesdon Lions).

1965 Harry Glover won the Ken McKinlay Shield.

1965 Grant Warwick won the Leicester Minors Derby Trophy, runner up Mick Vernam(Southampton), 3rd John Cobbin (Tottenham)

1967 Grant Warwick won the English League Riders Championship, runner up Ken Adams(Coventry), 3rd Dave Collins (Tottenham). Title decided after a three man run-off.

1967 Wilson Burns won the Minors Derby on the Monarchs track, with a score of 14 points(his only defeat was by Bruce Heath). Runner up was John Watchman(Manchester) after a run off Ivor Walsh(Kingstanding). Ken Taylor(Manchester) and Vic Haines (Estuary) were joint 4th. 

1968 Harry Glover won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up John Hocking(Southampton), 3rd Grant Warwick.

1987 Dave Hemsley won the British Junior Individual at Poole.

1991 Dave Hemsley(18) won the World Masters at King George V Playing Field, Grays, Essex. Runner up was Mark Griffiths(18) Wednesfield, 3rd Martyn Hepworth(15) Poole, 4th Danny Zagni(14) Ipswich.

1992 Dave Hemsley(16) won the British Individual Championship at Crofton Wheels Centre, Marsh Barton, Exeter. Runner up was Mark Short(16) Bristol St George, 3rd Jason Pratt(16) Great Blakenham, 4th Julian Hardy(16) Poole.

1993 Dave Hemsley(19) came runner up in the World Championship at Reserve Parade, Findon, Australia. The Winner, after a run off was Tony Herd(19) Australia, 3rd was Craig Harcourt(16) Wednesfield, 4th Norman Venson(16).

1994 Dave Hemsley(18) won the British Individual Championship at King George V Playing Field, Grays, Essex(2nd time). Runner up was Jason Pratt(17) Great Blakenham, 3rd Andrew Jackson(16) Wednesfield.

1995 Dave Hemsley(17) won the British Individual Championship at Whitton Sports Centre, Ipswich. Runner up was Andrew Jackson(15) Wednesfield, 3rd Jason Pratt(15) Great Blakenham.

1996 Norman Venson came runner-up in the World Masters at Leicester.

1998 Dave Hemsley won the British Individual Championship.

Team Honours.

1964 English League "Gold Cup" winners

1965 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Southampton at Horspath.

1965 English League Champions.

1966 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Tottenham 55.5 - 52.5 at Southampton.

1966 British League Champions, runners up Southampton.

1966 Combination League Champions.

1967 British League Champions on 18 points, runners-up Tottenham on 16 points, third Southampton on 14 points.

1969 Came runners-up in the British Team Championship, losing 53 - 43 to Offerton.

1993 Came runners-up in the British Team Championship, losing to Poole at Thurrock.

1994 Won the British Team Championship, beating Ipswich at Sandwell.

1996 Won the British Team Championship, beating Wednesfield at Thurrock.

1997 & 1999 Runners-up in the British Team Championship.

Club Honours.

In 1963 the British Senior Individual Final was held at Slater Street, Leicester. The Referee was Mr Gordon Davies(Hampshire). The winner was Derek Garnett(Offerton-Cheshire) with 13 points, runner-up was John Watling(Gorton-Manchester) after a run-off with Colin Wheeler(Southampton), both riders having scored 11 points. Other scorers: Brian Moston(Carrs Wood-Cheshire) 10, Vic Hinchliffe(Offerton-Cheshire) 10, Pete Bury(Gorton-Manchester) 8, Ray Lewis(Earlsdon-Warks) 8, Dave Chivers(Raynes Park-Surrey) 7, Bill Punter(Uxbridge-Middlesex) 7, Mike Richards(Swindon) 6, Rodney Holloway(Minster Lovell-Oxford) 6, Pete Rides(Raynes Park) 6, John Smith(Keresley-Warks) 6, Bob Merrett(Swindon) 4, Ernie Randle(Southampton) 4, Mike Cockroft(Horton-West Yorks) 2, Ken Adams(Keresley-Warks) reserve 1.

In 1963 the British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Slater Street, Leicester. The Referee was Mr Doug Maxwell(Strathclyde). The winner was Pete Bury(Gorton-Manchester) with 13 points, runner-up was Tony Hardy(Offerton-Cheshire) after a run-off with Bill Jackson(Gorton), both riders having scored 12 points. Other scorers: Paul Rennie(Gorton) 11, Rod Mills(Southampton Vikings) 10, Mick Lyon(Southampton Provincials) 10, Angus McKenzie(Offerton) 7, Chris Hunt(Wembley) 7, Doug Light(Wood Farm-Oxfordshire) 7, Basil Hurst(Bucklebury-Berks) 6, Rick Alderton(Estuary-Essex) 6, Pete White(Headington-Oxford) 6, Roger Adams(Earlsdon-Warks) 4, Barrie Palmer(Southampton Provincials) 4, Pete Williams(Openshaw-Manchester) 2, Steve Barraclough(Horton-West Yorks) 2.

The 1979 British Senior Individual Final was held at Slater Street, Leicester. The Referee was Mr Mike Cockroft(West Yorkshire). The winner was Colin Wheeler(Southampton) after a run-off with John Watchman(Blackley-Manchester), both riders having scored 17 points, 3rd was Derek Garnett(Blackley) with 16 points. Other scorers: Kevin Greenhalgh(Blackley) 15, Martin Jarvis(Newham-East London) 15, Clive Hurrell(Norwich) 14, Allan Miller(Bristol) 14, Geoff Patman(Bristol) 12, Dennis Torr(Blackley) 12, John Whiting(Blackley) 12, Dave Underhill(Kingstanding-Birmingham) 11, Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) 10, Alan Guest(Wednesfield) 9, Pip Serbert(Halifax) 9, Jeff Weaver(Carrs Wood-Cheshire) 9, Ian Woodhouse(Southampton) 7.

The 1979 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Slater Street. The Referee was Mr Alan Ford(Suffolk). The winner was Nicky Davies(Newport-Wales) with 18 points, runner-up was Paul Dyson(Halifax) after a run-off with Bob Cartridge(Poole), both riders scoring 17 points. Other scorers: Ian Gill(Thurrock-Essex) 16, Jason Taylor(Estuary-Essex) 15, Adam Bird(Crawley-Sussex) 14, Gavin Smith(Kingstanding-Birmingham) 13, Chris Madden(Crawley) 13, Ivan Platts(Leicester) 11, Dave Fox(Hawkinge-Kent) 10, Steve Gugliemi(Edmonton-North London) 10, Tim Punnett(Hawkinge) 10, Paul LeMoignan(Poole) 9, Allan Busby(Thurrock) 8, Mark Elmer(Crawley) 8, Jimmy Varnish(Kingstanding) 8. Reserves: Andy Dack(Kesgrave) & Andy Dart.

The 1980 British Under 21 Individual Final was held at Slater Street. The Referee was Tony Mullinder(West Midlands). The winner was Andy Palmer(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Geoff Burrell(Leicester), both riders scoring 17 points. 3rd was Richard Lloyd(Dudley-West Midlands) with 16 points. Other scorers: Dean Webb(Ipswich-Suffolk) 15, Calton Clarke(Spixworth-Norfolk) 14, Chris Gregory(Horspath-Oxford) 13, Jason Pratt(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 13, Terry Norman(Stockport-Cheshire) 12, Lee Ashman(Dudley) 12, Adam Bardsley(Poole) 12, Andrew Jackson(Stockport) 11, Karl Shephard(Spixworth) 11, Simon Wilcox(Hethersett-Norfolk) 8, Lee Benton(Basildon-Essex) 8, Paul Newey(Sandwell-West Midlands) 8, Nathan Hall(Poole) 7.

The 1988 British Senior Individual Final was held at Slater Street, Leicester. The Referee was Mr Ken Taylor(Greater Manchester). The winner was Martin Gale(Poole) after a run-off with Andre Cross(Norwich), both riders scoring 16 points, 3rd was Allan Miller(Bristol) after a run-off with Andy Harris(Sandwell) 4th and Glyn Whale(East London) 5th, after all three riders had scored 15 points. Other scorers: Kevin Marson(Wednesfield) 13, Geoff Patman(Bristol) 12, Martyn Hepworth(Poole) 12, Craig Harcourt(Sandwell) 12, Alan Guest(Wednesfield) 12, Mark Newey(Sandwell) 11, Paul Dyson(Sowerby Bridge) 10, Jim Varnish(Birmingham) 10, Ian Alcock(Weymouth) 10, Ian Gill(Thurrock) 9, Steve Mullinder(Wednesfield) 8, Mark Collins(Bristol St George) reserve 2.

The 1988 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Slater Street. The Referee was Mr Graham Sutton(Dorset). The winner was Lee Ashman(Sandwell-West Midlands) with 19 points, the runner-up was John Shipley(Sandwell) on 17 points, 3rd was Dean Webb(Ipswich-Suffolk) on 16 points. Other scorers: Andy Palmer(Wednesfield) 15, Richard Lloyd(Birmingham) 14, Calton Clarke(Norwich) 13, Steve Moore(Norwich) 13, Geoff Burrell(Leicester) 12, Shaun Naylor(Leicester) 12, Paul Rose(Dudley-West Midlands) 12, Gavin Parr(Newcastle) 11, Mark Rushby(Sowerby Bridge-West Yorks) 11, Chris Turner(Sheffield) 11, Lee Pettet(Poole) 8, Darren Reeks(Exeter) 8, Jason Pratt(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 7.

The 1993 British Senior Individual Final was held at Slater Street, Leicester. The Referee was Mr Dave Hunting(Suffolk). The winner was Craig Harcourt(Wednesfield) with 19 points, runner-up was Dave Hemsley(Leicester) on 18 points, 3rd was Andrew Jackson(Tameside) with 17 points. Other scorers: Mick Skinner(Leicester) 14, Julian Hardy(Poole) 12, Tim Snook(Ipswich) 12, Norman Venson(Leicester) 12, Victor Brooks(Ipswich) 11, Darren Kent(Heckmondwike) 11, Ian Woodhouse(Poole) 11, Danny Zagni(Ipswich) 11, Neil Lester(Thurrock) 10, Ivan Darby(Dudley) 9, Lee Galley(Thurrock) 9, Jason Pratt(Great Blakenham) 9, Phil Pilbrow(Norwich) 6.

The 1993 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Slater Street. The Referee was Mr Pete Dalley(West Midlands). The winner was Scott Nelder(Thurrock-Essex) with a 20 point maximum. Runner-up was Darren Gumbley(Birmingham) on 17 points, 3rd was Craig Marchant(Leicester) after a run-off with Chris Wheatley(Sandwell-West Midlands), both riders scoring 16 points. Other scorers: Geoff Farrell(Tameside-Manchester) 14, Trevor Hulton(Tameside) 14, Michael Share(Sandwell) 13, Steve Calver(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 12, Toby Sands(Eaton-Norfolk) 12, Nigel Wragg(Leicester) 11, David Martin(North Park Norwich-Norfolk) 10, Jim Pratt(Leicester) 10, Stephen Ward(Stockport-Cheshire) 9, Ian Graham(Tameside) 6, Glen Wilden(Ipswich-Suffolk) 8, Mark Tollett(Tameside) 7.

In 1995 the first British Under 22 Individual Final was held at Slater Street. The Referee was Mr Frank Finnigan(Greater Manchester). The winner was Andrew Jackson(Wednesfield) with a 20 point maximum. Runner-up was Craig Marchant(Leicester) on 16 points, 3rd was Chris Wheatley(Sandwell-West Midlands) after a run-off with Ian Pelling(Hellingly-Sussex) 4th, Paul Share(Sandwell) 5th, and Nigel Wragg(Leicester) 6th, after all four riders had scored 14 points. Other scorers: Kevin Burns(Leicester) 13, Phil Howells(Spixworth-Norfolk) 13, Stuart Carter(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 11, Jim Pratt(Leicester) 11, Geoff Farrell(Tameside-Manchester) 11, Richard Bessant(Exeter) 10, Shaun Ellis(Wednesfield) 10, Martyn Hollebon(Hellingly) 10, Lee Aris(Dudley-West Midlands) 8, Mike Share(Sandwell) 8.

Interesting Facts.

On Friday 23rd July 1965 the Monarchs Combination team entertained the Holland touring team, the visitors winning by 40 to 32 points. Scorers. LEICESTER: Dave/Mick Harvey 9, Rich West 7, Dave Hayward 6, Steve Cobley 3, Bruce Ward 3, Ken Adams 2, Keith Neale 2. HOLLAND: Fred van den Dolder 12, Johan Koudijs 10, Herman van Boeyen 9, Donald Reiche 6, Freek van der Wilt 2, Anton Kok 1.

On Saturday 24th July 1965 Leicester staged a three team tournament between Holland, Coventry & Leicester. Leicester won with 25 points,  to Holland's 24 and Coventry's 23. Scorers. LEICESTER: Rich West 9, Steve Cobley 8, Bruce Heath 5, Bruce Ward 3. HOLLAND: Johan Koudijs 8, Donald Reiche 7, Fred van den Dolder 5, Herman van Boeyen 4. COVENTRY: John Sanderson 7, Ray Lewis 6, Will Truslove 6, Barry Shapley 4.

On Tuesday 27th July 1965 Leicester entertained De Hollandse Welpen(Holland) touring team in the second leg of the Silver Helmet competition, winning the competition 71 points to 37 on the night, and overall by 117.5 to 89.5 points. Scorers. LEICESTER: Will Burns 16, Ken Adams 15, Jeff Knock 12, Harry Glover 10, Grant Warwick 9, Bruce Heath 7, Rich West 2. HOLLAND: Johan Koudijs 14, Donald Reiche 8, Fred van den Dolder 7, Herman van Boeyen 6, Anton Kok 3, Freek van der Wilt 1. In heat 13 Harry Glover swept around the well prepared track to equal the track record set up by Colin Wheeler, at 42 seconds, this being in the Minors Derby in 1963.

In 1970 the club caravan at Slater Street was broken into, and three bikes belonging to Dave Parsons, Harry Glover & Steve Cobley were stolen.

Speedway Riders.

John Knock rode for Sunderland.

Jessica Lamb rode for Plymouth, Sittingbourne & Weymouth.



  • Ken Adams
  • Jeff Bamford
  • B. Barford
  • R. Biddle
  • M. Bray
  • Wilson Burns
  • Jim Burton
  • John Burton
  • J. Carr
  • Robert Cave
  • R. Chapman
  • S. Chatwin
  • Steve Cobley
  • Steve Colman
  • Dave Cooke
  • Ralph Doughty
  • Chris Doyle
  • C. Elliott
  • P. Fowler
  • Roger Francis
  • Ian Gibson
  • Harry Glover(capt)
  • .... Grant
  • Johnny Greaves
  • P "Tweedie" Hammond
  • Dave Harvey
  • Mick Harvey
  • Dave Hayward
  • Bruce "Chuchy" Heath
  • Sid Higgins
  • Andy Johnson
  • John Knock
  • John Matts
  • Keith Neale
  • A. Parkinson
  • Dave Parsons
  • Barrie "Bas" Peel
  • Nigel Pethick
  • Ivan Platts
  • Billy Rae
  • John Sanderson
  • Steve Scotney
  • Rob Sensicall
  • Steve Shenton
  • Lewis "Lou" Silver
  • Paul Smith
  • S. Smith
  • Tony Stevenson
  • Kev Thrift
  • Bruce Ward
  • Colin Warren
  • Grant Warwick
  • Rich West
  • Joe Williams
  • Ray Wilson
  • A. Woadby
  • Rob Woolston


  • Brent Adcock
  • Phil Bainbridge
  • Wil Burns
  • Steve Chatwin
  • Steve Cobley
  • Chris Conroy
  • Ralph Doughty
  • C. Elliott
  • John Fraine
  • Harry Glover
  • Phil Hagen
  • P. Hargraves
  • Reg 'Griller' Harpin
  • Chris Harrison(1972-1976)
  • Bruce "Chuchy" Heath
  • Phil Jackson
  • Andy Johnson
  • Chris Lymn
  • Colin Mountain
  • Dave Parsons(1976)
  • Bruce Pearson
  • Ivan Platts
  • C. Pole
  • Stevie Potter
  • Pete Rawson
  • Neil Rudkin
  • Bill Savage
  • Mick Skinner
  • Mick Smalley
  • Alan Stevenson
  • Tony Stephenson
  • Paul Swaine
  • Philip Swaine
  • Brian "Noz" Taylor
  • Chic Taylor
  • Bruce Ward
  • Steph Whitehead
  • Grant Warwick
  • Rob Woolston


  • Wil Burns
  • Geoff Burrell
  • Dave Burton
  • Steve Cobley
  • D. Cousins
  • Ralph Doughty
  • Harry Glover
  • Andy Granville
  • Mike Hall
  • Ally Hand
  • Chris Harrison(1984-2001)
  • Dave Hemsley(1982 +)
  • .... Hines
  • Mark Knight
  • Neil Mason(1981-1997)
  • Ken Naylor
  • D. Neat
  • Dave Needham
  • Gary North
  • Ray Oliver
  • Dave Parsons
  • Pete Rawson
  • John Simpson
  • Dave Skinner
  • Mick Skinner
  • Pete Skinner
  • Roy Skinner
  • B. Smith
  • Tony Stephenson
  • Rob Tomlin
  • Norman Venson
  • Bruce Ward
  • Grant Warwick

1990s +

  • Kevin Burns(1992)
  • Wayne Evans
  • J. Harrison
  • Dave Hemsley
  • Carl Jarvis
  • R. Jones
  • Johan Koudijs
  • Jessica Lamb
  • Craig Marchant(1992)
  • Peter Muldane
  • Shaun Naylor
  • Mark Newey
  • Ray Oliver
  • Jim Pratt(1990)
  • Donald Reiche
  • Mick Skinner
  • Roy Skinner
  • Richard Thrift
  • Norman Venson
  • Craig Whitehead(1993)
  • Mark Whitehead(1990)
  • Nicky Whitehead
  • Steph Whitehead
  • Frank Wilford
  • Neil Wragg
  • Nigel Wragg
  • Pete Young