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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Warwickshire: Coventry Flyers

About the team

1st Track was at Spencer Park, Coventry.

Club President: Jimmy Hill(Coventry Football club).

2nd Track was at Hearsal Common, Coventry.

Track Dimensions: 86yards x 5yards, red shale surface.

Club Colours: Red/White/Black.

Club Chairman: E. Taylor(1960).

Club Vice Chairman: T.J. Geavenor(1960).

Club Chairman: Mr P. Averns

Club Secretary: Miss S. Evans, 204 Sadler Road, Radford, Coventry.

Club Manager: Mr G. Lees.

Individual Honours.

1958 Ray Lewis won the Coventry Individual Championship(the Bob Fletcher Cup) with a 15 point maximum.

Ray Lewis held the Coventry Match Race title for seven years with only one defeat, this being by Barry Butler at the end of 1960.

1962 Ken Adams(14) won the Midland Riders Championship at Coventry, runner up was Ken Wilkins(12) of Earlsdon, 3rd after a run-off was John Smith with 4th place going to Bob Colley, both riders scoring 10 points. Unlucky rider of the day was Ray Lewis who scored 9 points from his three completed races, for in the other two he was leading both times when his bike shed it's chain.

1963 Ken Adams won the Minors Cup at Leicester. Runner up was Joe Bailey on 13 points, and 3rd was Colin Wheeler on 12 points.

1964 Ken Adams(15 max) won the Minors Cup at Leicester. Runner up was Colin Wheeler(14), 3rd John Knock(10) after run-off with John Sanderson(Coventry).

1965 Ken Adams(12) won the Gazette Cup at Coventry after a run-off with Vic Hinchliffe. 3rd after a three way run-off was Harry Glover, 4th John Watling, and 5th John Smith, all scoring 11 points.

Interesting Facts.

On Monday 26th July 1965 Coventry entertained the Holland touring team at Spencer Park. After the Dutch and British National Anthems had been played, the tourists were presented with Souvenir booklets on Coventry which were sent by the Lord Mayor, and presented on his behalf by Alderman Harry Weston. Coventry Cycle Speedway Club pennants were also presented to the riders. Coventry won the match 64 - 41 points. Scorers. COVENTRY: Ray Lewis 16, Will Truslove 10, John Harrhy 10, John Sanderson 10, Bob Colley 9, Barry Shapley 9. HOLLAND: Johan Koudijs 14, Fred van den Dolder 9, Donald Reiche 8, Anton Kok 7, Herman van Boeyen 4, Freek van der Wilt 3.

Speedway Riders.

Peter Brough rode for Coventry.

Pete Bailey rode for Coventry & Ipswich.

John Harrhy rode for Coventry & Ipswich.



  • .... Abbott
  • Ken Adams
  • R. Adams
  • Peter Bailey
  • Ian Batley
  • "Noddy" Blackett
  • D. Boult
  • Peter Brough
  • John Burdakin
  • Barrie Butler
  • David Clarke
  • Ian Clarke(1967 +)
  • Bob Colley
  • Pete Coltman
  • Colin Fogg
  • Ron Gutteridge
  • .... Harban
  • Rob Hardie
  • Nigel Harland
  • John Harrhy(capt)
  • P. Harris
  • Tony Hayre
  • Dave Henry
  • T. Higgins
  • B. Jacques
  • G. Jenkinson
  • Chris Jones
  • Harry Kenny
  • Barry Lewis
  • Ray Lewis
  • Roddy Lewis
  • Terry Long
  • L. Mcilwaine
  • C. Miles
  • Brian Munns
  • .... O'Donnell
  • John Reynolds
  • Graham Rollason
  • John Sanderson
  • Tony Savery
  • Barry Shapley
  • John Smith
  • Ray Smith
  • Malc Tollan
  • Mick Tromans
  • Will Truslove
  • .... Wanby
  • M. Whale

1977 +.

  • Paul Averns
  • Ian Batley
  • Ray Bevan
  • Ray Boaler
  • Mick Docker
  • Paul Docker
  • Dave Foster
  • Dean French
  • Mark Giles
  • Steve Hewitt
  • Darren Hughes
  • Andy Lawrence
  • Geoff Loveridge
  • Joe McLaughlin
  • Kevin Marson
  • Tim Metcalfe
  • Barry Reeve
  • Mark Taylor
  • Robin Walsgrove
  • Phil Widdas
  • Steve Williams
  • Stuart Williams


  • Chris Allen
  • Mike Allen
  • Peter Averns
  • Ian Batley
  • Martin Bullock
  • Ian Courts
  • Andy Dickinson
  • Mick Docker
  • Paul Docker
  • Mark Drage
  • Simon Drage
  • Dave Foster
  • Wayne French
  • Andy Giles
  • Mark Giles
  • Dave Hemsley
  • Steve Hewitt
  • Darren Hughes
  • Jez Hughes
  • Geoff Loveridge
  • Rob McGuire
  • Joe McLaughlin
  • Kevin Marson
  • Stuart Metcalfe
  • Barry Reeve
  • Colin Reeve
  • Mark Taylor
  • Neil Taylor
  • Nigel Timms
  • Robin Walsgrove
  • Carl Wassall
  • Steve Williams
  • Stuart Williams