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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

London East: Hackney Cheetahs

About the team

Track was on Wells Street Common, Hackney, London.

Track was 100yds, with a black cinder surface.

Club Manager/Secretary: S.V. Haines, 2 Malvern Road, Hackney, London E8(1960s).

Club Colours: Blue Vests with a Yellow Cheetah's Head on front and yellow numbers on back.

Club Colours: Black with the Cheetahs head in a very pale yellow, white numbers on back.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1964/65(Div 2) and 1966(Div 1).

Club disbanded in 1972.

Individual Honours.

1967 Vic Haines won the London Youth Championship with 14 points. Ivor Walsh(Kingstanding Monarchs) was runner-up, and 3rd was Pete Hobbs(Southampton Saints).  

1968 Mick Curry(15) won the East London Senior Championship at Hackney. Runner up after a run-off was Vic Haines, 3rd Pete Wardell, 4th Ray Spalding, all three riders scoring 11 points.

Team Honours.

1968 Came runners up to Ecurie Alba(Scotland) in the National Team Finals. Hackney scorers: Chris Gooch 10 - Eric Hemsley 1 - Mick Curry 3 - John Burgess 3 - Vic Haines 10 - Ray Spalding 4 - Pete Wardell 6 - Terry Russell 6.

Speedway Riders.

Dave "Tiger" Beech rode for Rayleigh - Rye House and Hackney.

Alan Cowland(see Hendon Allstars).


  • J. Attlee
  • A. Baker
  • Dave "Tiger" Beech
  • Stu Bishop
  • John Burgess
  • Alan Cowland
  • Mick Curry
  • Vic "ESO" Esperon
  • Terry Ferrary
  • J. Goldsworthy
  • Chris Gooch
  • John Goodfellow
  • Steve Goodfellow
  • Vic Haines
  • S. Harper
  • Kenny Harris
  • Eric Hemsley(capt)
  • Bob Herring
  • Ted Herring
  • Ricky Holt
  • Brian Hunnable
  • Charlie Hunt
  • Keith Jago
  • B. Line
  • David Lye
  • S. Manning
  • Tony Marsh(1965-67)
  • J. Mudge
  • Paul Murray
  • Eddie Oram
  • J. Pears
  • Peter Pritchard
  • Ronnie Russell
  • Terry Russell
  • Ken Sadler
  • Ray Spalding
  • V. Stock
  • D. Thomas
  • Pete Wardell
  • Ron Watters
  • Keith Weedon
  • B. Westover
  • Terry White
  • Tony White
  • A Wilsonham
  • P. Witham