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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Scotland - Lothian: Liberton Lions

About the team

This team were from the Moredun Area.

Team formed in 1960 in Craigour Grove, with the track being formed by continually cycling round in an oval shape. Track never got dug out properly until the Council offered some help and gave the club a load of shale.

The club was probably started by Dennis, Norrie and Eric Darling, together with Derek Inglis and his Dad, plus Jocky Henderson, Scott Thomson, John McIntyre and Ian Gill. There were enough lads to form three teams, and for the first year they raced against each other. In 1962/63 they started racing against other fairly local teams.

To start with the team had no official track, and raced all their home meetings at Harrison Park.

The first track was famous(or infamous) for it's amazing slope. The  front straight was downhill with a very tight 1st and 2nd bend with a huge railway sleeper on the outside to stop you going all the way down the hill, then there was an uphill climb before you came to a very high banked 3rd and 4th bend.

First track was based at Craigour Park, Edinburgh.

Unfortunately due to the large partisan crowds who created traffic problems at the Craigour track, a new venue was sought after.

New track built at Fernieside(off Moredun Park Road) in the close season(1967/68), this project gaining the support of local councillor Fred Lawson.

A Tote was started to raise funds, which allowed the purchase of a van, and provided money to buy games and equipment for the youth club.

In 1967 the club joined the local community group, getting use of their facilities on a Sunday night. A Ford 'Tranny' van was purchased for the transport of the riders and bikes to away matches. It was at this point that the team elevated themselves to the first division of racing.

Due to the success of the club, the Lions were able to field a 2nd team, which competed in the third division.

A new club broadsheet was introduced called 'Hells Bells', this being edited by Davie Stark & Lindsay Galloway.

Racing in the Edinburgh League 1963.

Team Manager: Mr J. Inglis(1960 +).

Team Manager: Ted Over(1966).

Team Manager: Mr Fred Hamilton(1967).

Club Secretary: R. Peacocke, 34 Moredun Park Place, Edinburgh 9(1964).

Club Secretary: I. Inglis, 5 Craigour Grove, Edinburgh 9(1965).

The club disbanded midway through 1970, much of this to do with the closure of the Meadowbank Speedway stadium..

Individual Honours:

1967 George Syme won the first Club Championship after a run-off with Rab Jeffery, both riders scoring 13 points. Third place went to Derek Ingles with 12 points.

1968 Dave Baxter won the Club Championship on their new track at Fernieside with 14 points. Derek Ingles came runner-up after a run-off with George Syme, both riders scoring 12 points.

1969 Derek Ingles won the Club Championship after a run-off with George Syme, both riders scoring 13 points. Third place went to Ronnie Wilkinson on 12 points.

Dave Baxter became the Scotland Team Manager in the 1980s.

Team Honours:

1964 won the KO Cup, beating Northfield Saints 66 - 54. Dougie Noble scored 16 points, with all three Darling brothers racing in the match.

1964 & 1965 won the 2nd Division Championship

1967 the team reached the League Cup Final, losing 48 - 36 to Ecurie Alba.

Club Honours:

The Fernieside track was chosen for the 1969 KO Cup Final, with Bridgend Bats beating Sighthill Hammers 65 - 43.


  • Norrie Allan
  • Kenny Allen
  • John Barlow
  • Dave Baxter(1964 +)
  • Roger Cairns
  • Dennis Darling(1960)
  • Eric Darling(1960)
  • Norrie Darling(1960)
  • Jimmy Davidson
  • Derek Farmer
  • Ali Fraser(1967)
  • Lindsay Galloway(1967)
  • Ian Gill(1960)
  • Tam Greig
  • Jocky Henderson(1960)
  • Derek Inglis(1960)
  • Rab Jeffery
  • Howard 'Hod' Johnson
  • Morris Logan
  • Dennis McCabe(1967)
  • Ian Mackay
  • George McIntyre
  • John McIntyre(1960)
  • Alan Moultray
  • Ian 'Toaster' Moultray
  • Dougie Noble
  • Bertie Peacock
  • Les Penrick
  • Bill 'Fury' Philips
  • David Stark(1967)
  • Colin Sutherland
  • George 'Dode' Syme(1965-70)
  • Scott Thomson(1960)
  • George Wells
  • Ronnie Wilkinson