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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Scotland - Strathclyde: Charing Cross Rangers

About the team

1st track was in Balliol Street, near Charing Cross, and was based in the street itself, with a tarmac surface, the pavement kerbs marked the straights, with two manhole covers in the centre of the street marking the apex of the bends. Although the residents of the street were very tolerant with the racing, one day a quite friendly policeman arrived and advised the riders that they would have to move to a new site.

2nd track was at Kelvingrove Park, where an ex Barrage Balloon site had previously been situated during the war, this having a surface of fine ash. Although the riders raced here without permission, the 'Parkies' turned a blind eye on the goings on, but warned that if too many spectators arrived then they would be forced to stop proceedings(raced non league meetings).

3rd track was at Crossmyloof in 1948, the same year that the team joined the Clydesdale League.

Body Colours were similar to those of Belle Vue Aces Speedway, but with the Ace of Clubs replaced by the Maltese Cross.

Raced from 1946 - 1950.

Eventually joined up with Scotstoun Aces.


  • Ron Adams
  • Johnnie Braham
  • Ron Braham
  • Jim Brown
  • Bob Browning
  • Dave Robson
  • Norman Whitfield