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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Scotland - Strathclyde: Hampden Hawks

About the team

First track was on derelict tennis courts at the corner of Fintry Drive and Kilchattan Drive,

Second track was behind the Vogue Cinema off Kings Park Road, Glasgow G46. Became home to the Kingsway Knights.

Third track was on the disused Tennis Courts of McTaggart & Mickel. Agreement for their use was secured by Ian Welsh in 1968. This track was situated of Kingbrae Avenue, adjacent to the Kingswood Bowling Club off Aikenhead Road, just South of the Hampden Park Speedway.

Club Colours were Red & White halves with contrasting trim and a blue Hawk. The words "Hawk" & "Hampden" were above and below the Blue Hawk respectively. Colours 1-3 were burgundy, whilst the remainder, including the un-numbered "baby" jacket, were cherry red.

Track surface was Red Blaes, with concrete starting area, and measured approx 75 yards. A fence surrounded the track plus pit area.

Became the Rebels.

Raced 1969 - 1973.

Again 1975 - 1981.

Hosted Scotland v England International 1970, plus the 1970 NACSA Individual Finals.

Team Managers: Alex Norrie(69/70) & Neil Grant(71/72)

Club Recordists: Neil Grant & Ron Young.

Team Honours.

1969 KO Cup Winners, beating Kingsway 58-50 at Woodrow Road.

1969 Les Whaley Cup Winners plus Four Team Champions

1970 Spring League Winners - KO Cup Winners.

Individual Honours.

1969 Glasgow Individual Champion Dick Barrie.

1970 Glasgow Individual Champion Colin Caffrey.

1972 Glasgow Individual Champion Dick Barrie.

Club Honours.

The 1970 British Senior Individual Final was held at Hampden Park, Glasgow. The Referee was Jimmy Cobain(Strathclyde). The winner was Stuart Potter(Bridgend-Scotland Lothian) with 12 points, runner-up was Jack Pinkerton(Sighthill-Scotland Lothian) after a run-off with Derek Garnett(Offerton-Cheshire), both riders scoring 11 points. Other scorers: Kevin Greenhalgh(Blackley) 10, Stu Baxter(Bridgend) 8, Dave Reid(Offerton) 8, John Watling(Denton) 8, John Watchman(Blackley) 7, Dave Wilson(Blackley) 7, John Whiting(Blackley) 7, Dave Parsons(Leicester) 7, Alan Douglas(Uxbridge) 6, John Murphy(Seafield) 6, Mike Cockroft(Ivy House) 5, Keith Gibson(Carrs Wood) 4, Keith Gibbons(Wednesfield) 2.

The 1970 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Hampden Park. The Referee was Mr Willie Flett(Midlothian). The winner was George Tennant(Bridgend-Scotland) after a run-off with Paul Swaine(Leicester), both riders having scored 12 points. 3rd was Roy White(Carrs Wood) after a run-off with Paul Jones(Offerton), both having scored 10 points. Other scorers: Phil Jackson(Whitley-Warks) 9, P. Thomas(Brandon) 9, Roger Cox(Hungerford) 8, George Russell(Offerton) 8, Neil Brocklehurst(Offerton) 7, Brian Adshead(Carrs Wood) 6, Colin Mountain(Leicester) 6, Steve Casey(Gorton) 5, Derek Fielding(Carrs Wood) 5, Steve Harrison(Hungerford) 5, Steve Flynn(Blackley) 4, Pete Mills(Offerton) 3.

Speedway Riders:

Colin Caffrey rode for Paisley Lions, Berwick Bandits & Glasgow Tigers.

Tam Baggley rode for Glasgow Tigers.

Roy Varty rode at Glasgow in second half meetings.

Calum MacAulay rode ?


  • Dale Aitken
  • Gordon Aitken
  • Dick Barrie
  • Pete Bell
  • Mike Blair
  • Alan Brown
  • Colin Caffrey
  • Gordon Campbell
  • George Christe
  • David Earley
  • Pete Gentles
  • Alan "Genius" Gibson
  • Brian Gilliland
  • Colin Grant
  • Neil Grant
  • David Grier
  • Sandy Hyslop
  • Tommy Lee
  • Calum MacAulay
  • Alan McColl
  • Gerry McColl
  • Frank McKinnon
  • Billy McMillan
  • C. McMillan
  • Ranald Miller
  • Jack "Red" Monteith
  • Iain Morrison
  • Doug "Nicky" Nicholson(capt)
  • Ronald "Moosh" Nicholson
  • Alex Norrie
  • D. Norrie
  • Bill Ritchie
  • Alan Robertson
  • John Robertson
  • Sandy Robertson
  • Ian Welsh
  • Alan Williamson
  • Ronnie Young