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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Oxfordshire: Peat Moor Jets

About the team

Club formed in 1949.

Track was on the Peat Moor that the street was named after.

The track itself had it's own full size flagpole.

Bert Saunders got permission to build the track on a piece of waste ground that was the steepest slope imaginable, with a flat area at the bottom where the track was located, leading to a stream. The slope was a natural spectator seating area, with uninterupted views of the racing for everyone present.

Bert built the track after returning from work every day, and when finished it looked very professional. The local boys promised to help, but not unlike many young boys, found it a scource of fun rather than work. They borrowed a very heavy lawn roller from the near-by cricket club to roll out the cinder track, but on the way down the slope it ran away with itself(much to the delight of the boys), and ended up in the stream!!

Club Manager: Albert 'Bert' Saunders, 37 Peat Moors, Headington, Oxford.

The team was so successful that the younger riders pestered Bert to form a junior team, thus the Tigers were formed.

The teams tabards were made of canvas which Bert's wife stitched together, and Bert himself painted them in Red Gloss, this making them very stiff. Ivor Saunders(Bert's 15 year old son) made a stencil of a futuristic looking jet plane which was inserted on the back of the tabard, with the words 'JETS' on the front, these being coloured silver. Riders numbers were also on the back. Mrs Saunders had the unenviable job of keeping the tabards clean, washing the splattered mud from the race jackets after each meeting.

The team's mascot was 7 year old Velma Saunders(Bert's daughter), so all in all it was quite a family affair. One of Velma's jobs during their home matches was to carry round the collection box, rattling it as loudly as possible during the interval. These donations were essential, as they helped in the transportation of the bikes/riders to their away matches.

Team Honours.

Won both the Senior and Junior Cup, year unknown.


  • Brian Brockhall
  • Norman 'Chick' Childs
  • Reg Fleetwood
  • Vic Good
  • Gavin Impey
  • Tommy Johnson
  • Noel Kinch
  • Johnny Pledge
  • Rex Pollard
  • Pete Robbins
  • Ivor Saunders(capt)
  • John Scudamore
  • Mick Smith
  • Wilfy Wilkins
  • John Winters
  • Ron Young