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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Yorkshire South: Stradbroke Arrows

About the team

1st track was in Birley Pit, but team were kicked out of here.

2nd track was in Richmond Park, off Linley Lane, Sheffield 13.

Track surface was slag, Length 65yds, Grade 4.

Club Secretary: Barry Moakes, 159 Stradbroke Road, Stradbroke, Sheffield 13(1966).

Club Secretary: Martin Gamble(1970s)

Club Secretary: Frank Knight(1982)

This was probably the most famous of the Sheffield clubs during the 1960s and early 1970s, winning the National Consolation Trophy in 1971(?) and hailing household names(in Sheffield at least), such as Eddie Fordham, Eric Verdeyen, Dennis Naylor, Gary Fordham, Dave Thursfield, John Priestley & Barry Moakes.

Raced in the Sheffield League 1973.

Raced in the National League.

Merged with Parkwood in 1975 to form the South Yorkshire CSC, but were later revived as "the Arrows" in 1980. In 1981, they rejoined the Northern League and joined forces again with other Sheffield clubs to create the current Sheffield club in 1984.

Interesting Fact.

Riding in the Halifax Fours in 1969, the Arrows won a trophy worth £250 which was first played for in a rugby match in 1921, when the Australian Tourists beat Halifax. In round 1 they beat Buttershaw 18.5 to 5.5. In the quarter final they beat Bierley Vikings "A" 15 to 12. In the Semi Final they beat Woodside 14 to 9. And in the Final they beat Copley, winning all their races by a 5-1 margin.

Individual Honours.

1966 Eddie Fordham won the Sheffield Senior Individual Championship with 14 points. Barry Moakes was runner up on 12 points, whilst Pete Wragg(Parsons Cross Devils) came third with 11 points.

Team Honours.

1967 won the Sheffield League on 36 points, runners up Parson Cross Eagles, 3rd Parson Cross Devils(both on 28 points).


  • .... Brown
  • Ian Clarke
  • M. Coates
  • Martin Colley
  • Mike Colley
  • David Cooke
  • Eddie Fordham
  • Gary "Gaz" Fordham
  • Andy Franks
  • Martin Gamble(left 1982)
  • Russ Gamble
  • Steve Green
  • .... Hanson
  • M. Hobson
  • Dave Lidgett
  • Barry Moakes
  • Rob Machin
  • Dennis Naylor
  • Paddy Phelps
  • John Priestley
  • P. Priestley
  • D. Pym
  • .... Starr
  • Dave Thursfield
  • Eric Verdeyen
  • Stuart Wallace
  • Pete Wood


  • Ian Clarke