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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Yorkshire West: Heckmondwike Saints

About the team

1st Track in Flush Park, Heckmondwike.

2nd Track at Firth Park, Union Street, Heckmondwike.

Track Dimensions: 75yards x 6yards, granite dust surface.

Club Colours: Blue shirts, White body colours with Blue "Saint" and numbers, Blue/White socks.

Club Chairman: Jeff Layden(1978).

Club Secretary: D.J. Layden, 4 Vine Crescent, Cleckheaton, West Yorks(1978).

Club Manager: S. Webster.

Raced in the West Riding League 1973.

Raced in the National League.

Individual Honours.

1988 Martin Kent(17) won the British Under 21 Individual at Spytty Leisure Centre, Newport, runner up Mark Newey(16) Sandwell, 3rd Pete Young(16) Poole.

Club Honours.

The 1986 British Under 21 Individual Final was held at Firth Park. The Referee was Mr Robin Martakies(Cumbria). The winner was Andre Cross(Norwich) after a run-off with Mark Griffiths(Wednesfield), both riders scoring 16 points. 3rd was Martin Gale(Poole) after a run-off with Stuart MacCabe(Thurrock-Essex) 4th, and Paul Shipley(Sandwell-West Midlands) 5th, all three riders scoring 15 points. Other scorers: Norman Venson(Whitley-Warks) 14, Paul Vaughan(Basildon-Essex) 14, Dave Frith(Whitley) 13, Rob Gannon(Wednesfield) 12, Martin Kent(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 11, Steve Harris(Swindon) 10, Danny Zagni(Ipswich-Suffolk) 10, Ray Oliver(Whitley) 9, Darren Demmery(Bristol St George) 9, Graham Whitfield(Basildon) 9, Mark Newey(Sandwell) 5.

The 1991 British Senior Individual Final was held at Firth Park, Heckmondwike. The Referee was Mr Dave Hunting(Suffolk). The winner was Jim Varnish(Wednesfield) with 17 points, runner-up was Julian Hardy(Poole) on 16 points, 3rd was Mark Griffiths(Wednesfield) with 15 points. Other scorers: John Cordery(Basildon) 14, Steve Harris(Bristol St George) 14, Dave Hemsley(Leicester) 14, Martin Kent(Heckmondwike) 14, Craig Harcourt(Dudley) 13, Adam Bardsley(Poole) 12, Merv Cooper(Wednesfield) 12, Richard Lloyd(Dudley) 10, Phil Pilbrow(Eaton) 10, Martyn Hepworth(Poole) 9, Jason Pratt(Great Blakenham) 8, Lee Galley(Thurrock) 5, Paul Dyson(Sowerby Bridge) 3.

The 1991 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Firth Park. The Referee was Mr Dave Hunting(Suffolk). The winner was Andrew Jackson(Tameside-Manchester) with a 20 point maximum. Runner-up was Scott Nelder(Thurrock-Essex) on 18 points, 3rd was Mark McNeil(Bristol St George) after a run-off with Paul Share(Sandwell-West Midlands), both riders on 16 points. Other scorers: Steve Perkins(Sandwell) 15, Lee Byford(Ipswich-Suffolk) 15, Martyn Hollebon(Hellingly-Sussex)13, Stuart Carter(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 13, Wayne Byford(Ipswich) 12, Jamie Hall(Ipswich) 12, Neil Johnson(Sowerby Bridge-West Yorks) 10, Chris Wheatley(Sandwell) 10, Dave Robinson(Heckmondwike) 8, Neil Howarth(Sowerby Bridge) 7, Richard Bessant(Exeter) 5.



  • .... Dunn
  • .... Kayden
  • Andrew Pickard


  • A. Barrow
  • John Dobson
  • John Durkin
  • Martin Gamble(1979)
  • Phil Holey
  • Dave Layden
  • Martin Layden
  • Steve Layden
  • David Little
  • Simon Plows
  • M. Robson
  • Phil Rushworth
  • M. Sladder
  • Steve Taylor
  • B. Webster
  • Stuart Webster
  • Geoff Widdop
  • Peter Wood

1980s +.

  • Dave Baugh
  • Patrick Beacock
  • Steve Blair
  • James Carter
  • Stuart Carter(1991)
  • Ian Clarke
  • Paul Fisher
  • Jonathan Hardy
  • Steve Harris(1989)
  • D. Keeton
  • Darren Kent
  • Martin Kent
  • Chris Layden(1994)
  • Dave Lunn
  • Dave Mountain
  • Simon Plows
  • M. Richardson
  • Dave Robinson
  • D. Smith
  • Martin Webster