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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Berkshire: Maidenhead Lions

About the team

Track was in Courthouse Road South, Maidenhead. The track itself was built in a natural banked bowl at the back of Powells builders yard, this being a superb arena with great viewing.

Team formed in August 1949, and already had starting gates, dug out pits, scoreboard and loudspeaker system. Average home attendance 800(1949).

1949. Track was 60 yds. Track Record was 36.2(four laps). The track had a concrete base starting gate, and the track edges were all painted white. Lights were fitted up for one weekend when the Lions hosted an international match against a Dutch touring team.

The mode of transport to away meetings was in the back of a covered flat truck flour lorry.

Fred Jackman and Frank Alloway were the mechanics for the team, building and maintaining the bikes, as well as constructing the rising starting gates

Team Manager: Larry Hughes(who was the local newsagent).

The above three members were instrumental in driving the club forward, as well as running the social side of things.

Fred was also very 'arty', and with his wife Agnes made the club tabards, Fred painting every lion by hand.

Being avid supporters of the Wembley Lions Speedway Team, the club colours were also Red and White.

Club Secretary: S. Winfield, 54 Highway Road, Maidenhead.

Racing Results:

1950 Berks & Bucks League.  Maidenhead Lions 58 - Maidenhead Bluebells 36   #   Maidenhead Bluebells 36 - Maidenhead Lions 58   #   Maidenhead Lions 56 - Slough Flyers 38

1950.  Maidenhead Lions 58 - Oxford Lions 35

Interesting Fact.

'Fred' Jackman was presented by the club with a silver butter dish with a fish on the lid, possible reason for this was a thankyou from the club members for all that Fred had done.


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