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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Avon: Bristol Lions

About the team

Club founded in 1960.

Track at Oakdale Road, Hengrove, Bristol.

2nd track at Airport Road, Hengrove, Bristol.

Track Dimensions: 86 yards x 18 feet, red shale surface.

Club Colours: Black/White.  Avon Team Red/White.

Raced in the Federation League.

Club President: Mike Broadbanks(Swindon Speedway Rider).

Club Secretary: Mr D. Roman, 19 Plover Walk, Sturminster Road, Brislington, Bristol 4.

Club Secretary: Neil Tullberg, 38 Ridgeway Lane, Whitchurch, Bristol 4(1960s).

Team Manager/Secretary: Roger Seymour, 90 Court Farm Road, Willsbridge, Bristol.

Raced in the Southern League 1963/64. The team consisted of riders from Knowle Bulldogs and Airport Lions, using the Airport Lions Track.

Raced in the South Western League 1966 - 1967.

In 1971 received a £750 grant from the council for the erection of a clubroom and installation of toilets & showers at Airport Road. If there were sufficient funds, then floodlighting was also to be installed.

Club Secretary: R. Davey, 90 Court Farm Road, Willsbridge(1974)

English League 1974/75/76.

In 1979 the Sports Council made a grant of £2,500 available from their inner city area development programme to the Bristol Club. This provided a "mobile unit" comprising 16 bikes, starting gates, race clothing and public address system, which allowed the club to stage a series of exhibition matches in and around the city.

Individual Honours.

1965 Neil Tullberg(15) won the Devon Grand Prix, runner up was Geoff Patmen(12), and 3rd after a run-off was Pete Cooke(11), 4th place going to Dave Massey.

1969 Bob Martin won the Pride of the West after a run-off with Keith Lyons(Exeter), both riders scoring 18 points. 3rd was Colin Bates(16) from Tamworth.

1970 Keith Lyons won the English League Riders Championship, runner up Dave Massey(Bristol), 3rd Geoff Patman(Bristol).

1970 Geoff Patman won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up Harry Glover(Leicester), 3rd Colin Wheeler(Southampton).

1970 Geoff Patman won the City & County Trophy at Bristol, runner-up Colin Wheeler(Southampton), 3rd Tam Daly(Edinburgh).

1972 Geoff Patman won the E.P. Litt Trophy at Horspath.

1973 Geoff Patman(19) won the E.P. Litt Trophy at Horspath, runner up was Derek Garnett after a run off with Kevin Greenhalgh, both riders scoring 17 points, and both riders coming from Offerton.

1973 Geoff Patman came runner up in National Individual Final.

1973 Geoff Patman(19) won the carnival Trophy at Exmouth, runner-up was Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Colin Wheeler(Southampton), both riders scoring 18 points.

1973 Geoff Patman(20) won the Pride Of The South at Bournemouth, runner-up was Derek Knight after a run-off with Colin Sutton, both riders scoring 18 points, and both riders coming from Bournemouth.

1973 Tam Low came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1973 Geoff Patman & Tam Low won the Edmonton Best Pairs, dropping just one point between them.

1973 Alan Miller won the Sacha Trophy at Bristol, after a run-off with Andy Collett(Exeter), both riders scoring 19 points. 3rd was Gerald Banks(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Gordon Ward(Exmouth), both riders scoring 18 points.

1974 Colin Wheeler won the British League Riders Championship, runner up Roger Ellis(Wednesfield), 3rd Keith Gibbons(Wednesfield).

1974 Tam Low won the City & County Trophy at Bristol, runner-up Colin Wheeler(Bristol), 3rd Steve Whitehead(Blackley).

1975 Geoff Patman(14) won British Individual Championship at Tame Street Playing Field, Manchester, runner up John Watchman(13) Blackley, 3rd Jeff Weaver(9) Denton, 4th Gerald Banks(9) Wednesfield. In this meeting John Watchman had scored four wins and was leading in his last race in front of Geoff Patman, when he suffered a blow out to his front tyre, which cost him the championship. 

1975 Geoff Patman(19) won the Carnival Trophy at Exmouth, runner-up Roger Ellis(18), 3rd Vic Haines(17).

1976 Geoff Patman won the English League Laurels at Poole with a 20 point max. Runner-up was Colin Wheeler(15) after a run-off with Paul Russo.

Team Honours.

1967 English League Div 2 Combination winners.

1968 English League Div 2 Runners-Up.

1968 English League Div 2 Combination Runners-Up.

1969 English League Div 1 Runners-Up.

1970 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Tottenham at Southampton.

1970 English League Div 1 winners.

1970 English League Div 1 Combination winners.

1971 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Southampton at South London.

1972 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Thurrock at Southampton.

1978 British Junior Team Champions Runners-Up. Poole Comets 107 - A.S.C. Bristol 69 at Southampton.

Club Honours.

The 1977 British Senior Individual Final was held at Airport Road, Knowle, Bristol. The Referee was Mr Dave Hunting(Suffolk). The winner was Colin Wheeler(Southampton) with 19 points, runner-up was Kevin Greenhalgh(Blackley-Manchester) on 18 points, 3rd was Phil Pilbrow(Norwich) on 16 points. Other scorers: Ian Woodhouse(Southampton) 15, Geoff Patman(Bristol) 15, Derek Knight(Poole) 12, Mick Baugh(Wednesfield) 11, Paul Hulme(Denton) 11, Pip Serbert(Woodside) 11, Dennis Torr(Blackley) 11, John Watchman(Blackley) 11, Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) 10, Derek Garnett(Offerton) 10, Mike Parkins(Galley-Norfolk) 9, Keith Gibbons(Wednesfield) 9, John Whiting(Blackley) 6.

The 1977 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Airport Road, Bristol. The Referee was Mr John Mealing(Essex). The winner was Malcolm Lane(Crawley-Sussex) after a run-off with Ian Woodhouse(Southampton) 2nd and Colin Nichols(Wednesfield) 3rd, all three riders scoring 17 points. Other scorers: Dick Smith(Trimley-Suffolk) 16, Roy Turner(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 14, Kevin Fuller(Galley-Norfolk) 13, Chris Broomhead(Denton-Manchester) 13, Rob Hoyle(Wednesfield) 13, Phil Clark(Crawley-Sussex) 11, Andy Lake(Poole) 11, Kevin Marson(Kingstanding-Birmingham) 11, Andy Oakes(New Mills-Cheshire) 10, Gary Lever(Denton) 9, Chris Rosam(Tolworth-Surrey) 9, Steve Titmus(Hayes-Middlesex) 9, Andy Leah(East Manchester) 6.

In 1979 the first British Under 21 Individual Final was held at Airport Road. The Referee was Mr Ian Hodges(West Midlands). The winner was Phil Clark(Crawley-Sussex) after a run-off with Malcolm Lane(Crawley) runner-up, and Phil Gard(Bournemouth) 3rd, all three riders scoring 16 points. Other scorers: Les Bowden(Blackley-Manchester) 13, Kevin Marson(Coventry) 13, Pete Stephens(Thurrock-Essex) 13, Martin Davidson(Southampton) 13, Nicky Davies(Newport-Wales) 12, Bob Cartridge(Poole) 12, Chris Strutt(Estuary-Essex) 12, Nigel Sanderson(Bristol) 12, Roy Turner(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 11, Paul Dyson(Halifax) 10, Andy Giles(Trimley-Suffolk) 9, Martin Davies(Newport) reserve 7, Dave Jones(Thurrock) 6, Ray Hall(Poole) 3.

The 1983 British Under 21 Individual Final was held at Airport Road. The Referee was Mr Graham Sutton(Dorset). The winner was Jim Varnish(Birmingham) after a run-off with Tim Snook(Great Blakenham-Suffolk), both riders having scored 17 points. 3rd was Andy Barnes(Poole) with 15 points. Other scorers: Merv Cooper(Wolverhampton) 14, Martyn Hepworth(Weymouth) 14, Ade Gale(Poole) 13, Andy Harris(Sandwell-West Midlands) 13, John Cordery(Basildon-Essex) 13, Mark Reed(Exeter) 12, Mark Hammersley(Tameside-Manchester) 12, Roger Rutherford(Basildon) 12, Richard Edge(Horspath-Oxford) 11, Colin Reeve(Birmingham) 11, Calvin Stevens(Wolverhampton) 10, Dave Lunn(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 10, Lee Smith(Tolworth-Surrey) 5.

The 1983 British Under 15 Individual Final was held at Airport Road. The Referee was Mr Dave Blinston(Greater Manchester). The winner was Matt Coombe(Bristol St George) with a 20 point maximum. Runner-up was Martin Gale(Poole) on 19 points, 3rd was Gary Darby(Sandwell-West Midlands) with 16 points. Other scorers: Lee Williams(Bristol St George) 15, Pete Young(Broomhall-Scotland Lothian) 14, Nick Collins(Bristol) 14, Mark Stevens(Bristol St George) 13, Dave Hannibal(Edmonton-North London) 12, Simon Merritt(Poole) 12, Julian Bourne(Whitley-Warks) 10, Victor Brooks(Orwell-Suffolk) 10, Ian Robinson(Hull) 9, Chris Dale(Thurrock-Essex) 8, Anthony Ankers(Stoke-Staffs) 8, Shaun Brame(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 8. 



  • Brian Aplin
  • John Ashford
  • Terry Ashford
  • K. Barry
  • M. Brown
  • Terry Buckingham
  • Mike Burgess
  • S. Butler
  • D.T. Coombs
  • Mike Curtis
  • C. Daniels
  • ..... Daniels
  • Roger Davey
  • B. Davis
  • Steven Daw
  • Mike Dyer
  • J. Fawcett
  • Trevor Goverd
  • A. Graves
  • Anthony Hawkins
  • Richard Hellin
  • D. Hunt
  • T. Lovell
  • R. Lowery
  • Keith Lyons
  • R 'Bob' Martin(capt)
  • Dave Massey
  • Alan Miller
  • Alan Momber
  • Dave Monks
  • Geoff Patman
  • V. Potter
  • Dave Robinson
  • Dave Roman
  • C. Rossiter
  • B. Selway
  • Trevor Simms
  • Phil Sposito
  • Charlie Sprague
  • Neil Tullberg
  • Geoff Watt
  • Rob Withers
  • Doug Wootton
  • Ken Worlock
  • Roger Wrixon


  • N. Auger
  • Pete Averns
  • T. Bidwell
  • Stephen Bradley
  • Mike Burgess
  • Mark Collins
  • Nick Collins
  • Matt Coombe
  • Mike Curtis
  • Roger Davey
  • G. Ellis
  • Gary Elms
  • D. Finnemore
  • R. Fox
  • K. Foxon
  • Chris Gill
  • Dave Gill
  • John Gillard
  • Pete Gillard
  • Alan Hayle
  • P. Howell
  • D. Kittlety
  • Leigh Loomes
  • Keith Lovell
  • T. Lovell
  • Tam Low(1971 +)
  • Roger Lowery
  • Keith Lyons(1969 +)
  • Martin Lyons
  • Andy MacFarlane
  • Carlo Mancini
  • Bob Martin
  • R. Martin
  • Dave Massey(bearded)
  • Andy Meacham
  • Graham Miles
  • Alan Miller
  • Mick Miller
  • S. O'Conner
  • Geoff Patman(1969 +)
  • Ken Pike
  • R. Potter
  • Vic Potter
  • Dave Price
  • C. Rossiter
  • Vic Rudman
  • Nigel Sanderson
  • R. Saunders
  • Charlie Sprague
  • Colin Sprague
  • R. Stillmore
  • Herbie Tuck
  • Neil Tullberg
  • R. Wayne
  • R. Weir
  • Colin Wheeler(1974)
  • Jan Wyglendacz


  • Mike Burgess
  • Mark Collins
  • Rich Cook
  • P. Cox
  • Gary Elms
  • Mark Gibbs
  • John Gillard
  • Kevin Greaves
  • Lee Loomes
  • Carlo Mancini
  • Allan Miller
  • Mike Miller
  • Geoff Patman
  • Melloney Thorne
  • Doug Varney