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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Suffolk: Ipswich & District CSC

About the team

Team formed in 1986, with the official opening of the new track at Whitton Sports Centre taking place on Friday June 26th 1987 by the Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor D. Warsop. Councillor K.V. Wilcox, Chairman of the Recreation & Amenities Committee of the Ipswich Borough Council was also in attendance. The first match of the evening was Young England v Young Australia(all under 16s) which Young England won 98 - 78. The main attraction was a Test Match between Australia - England - Ireland and Scotland, this being the first match of a series. The scores were: England 51 - Ireland 40 - Scotland 35 - Australia 29.

The team was sponsored by Hunting Hire Centres Ltd for many seasons.

The previous team was known as Orwell CSC, and raced their home meetings on the Trimley Tigers track.

Chairman: Mr Reg Snook(also co founder of the club, together with Martin Biddle, Tim Snook & Dave Hunting).

Junior Team Manager: Martin Biddle.

Team disbanded at the beginning of the 1996 season.

Individual Honours.

1986 Tim Snook came runner-up in British Senior Individual.

1986 Shaun Brame won the South East League Junior Individual.

1986 Shaun Brame won the East Anglian Youth Individual.

1986 Shaun Brame won the East Anglian Senior Individual.

1987 Tim Snook came runner-up in the Australian Open Championship.

1987 Alan Scrutton won the East Anglian Senior Championship.

1987 Ray Brooks won the South East League Schoolboys Championship.

1988 Danny Zagni came runner-up in the World Masters in Australia(winner was Ray Oliver).

1988 Alan Scrutton won the Suffolk Senior Individual Championship.

1989 Tim Snook(18) won the British Individual Championship at King George V Playing Field, Grays, Essex, runner up Martin Gale(18) Poole, 3rd Martyn Hepworth(16) Poole.

1989 Dean Webb won the East Anglian Under 21 Title after a run-off with Andrew Cumbers(Spixworth).

1993 Leon Yelland won the Suffolk Under 15 Individual at Ipswich, runner up Matt Calver(Great Blakenham), 3rd Neil Everett.

1994 Dean Webb won the Suffolk Senior Individual.

Team Honours.

1986 came runners up in the National Team Championship at Basildon, losing to Thurrock 93 - 84.

1986 came runners-up in the South East League.

1987 British Schoolboy Team Championships Finalists.

1987 South East League Div 1 Runners-up.

1987 South East Combination League Winners.

1988 won the South East League Div 1 Title.

1988 won the South East League Knock-out Cup.

1988 Under 21 team reached the U21 Team Final, being beaten by Bristol St George.

1991 won the British Under 18 Team Championship, beating Horspath 89-87 in the final at Thurrock.

1993 won the British Under 21 Team Championship, beating Sandwell 90-87 in the final at Thurrock.

1993 won a four team tournament at Wednesfield.

Club Honours.

The 1995 Junior World Team Cup Final was held at the Whitton Sports Centre, Ipswich. The Referee was Mr Bob Prince(England). Australia 73: Matthew Gentle 17, David Dissel 16, Lincoln Till 16, Paul Remphrey 12, Aaron Sweetman 12. England 60: Chris Roberts 13, Gavin Wheeler 13, Matthew Bloxham 12, James Merrick 12, Leon Yelland 10. Poland 48: Konrad Kurpisz 13, Przemyslaw Siporzynski 13, Tomasz Walkowiak 13, Karol Wlodarczyk 9, Szczepan Bauman(dnr). Ireland 48: Philip Moreton 25, Gavin Creaney 13, Luke Mather 10. Wales 44: Luke Fox 14, Nigel Clark 13, Gavin Morgan 8, Jason Stevenson 6, Leighton Brooker 3. Scotland 26: Jon Chamberlain 8, Tom Kerley 8, Justin McLuckie 5, Ewan Tulloch 5.

The 1995 British Senior Individual Final was held at the Whitton Sports Centre, Ipswich. The Referee was Mr Bob Prince(West Midlands). The winner was Dave Hemsley(Leicester) with 17 points, runner-up was Andrew Jackson(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Jason Pratt(Great Blakenham), both riders having scored 15 points. Other scorers: Steve Harris(Swindon) 14, Dean Webb(Ipswich) 13, Andre Cross(North Park-Norwich) 13, Danny Zagni(Ipswich) 13, Elliott Jones(Eaton-Norfolk) 12, Phil Howells(Spixworth-Norfolk) 12, Norman Venson(Leicester) 12, Mark Newey(Sandwell) 11, Mick Carlisle(Wimbledon) 9, Terry Norman(Stockport) 9, Martyn Hollebon(Hellingly) 9, Craig Harcourt(Wednesfield) 8, Ray Oliver(Leicester) 6.

In 1995 the first British Under 19 Individual Final was held at the Whitton Sports Centre. The Referee was Mr Trevor Butcher(Dorset). The winner was Chris Wheatley(Sandwell-West Midlands) after a run-off with Ian Pelling(Hellingly-East Sussex), both riders having scored 19 points. 3rd was Chris Layden(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) with 17 points. Other scorers: Gavin Wheeler(Southampton) 13, Lee Aris(Dudley-West Midlands) 13, Aaron Sweetman(Poole) 13, Mark Everingham(Poole) 13, Chris Roberts(Poole) 12, Tom Woolridge(Wednesfield-West Midlands) 12, James Merrick(Southampton) 11, Shaun Ellis(Wednesfield) 10, Tom Harris(Poole) 10, Phil Sharples(Stockport-Cheshire) 9, Matthew Bloxham(Hawbush-Essex) 8, Jamie Holmes(Exeter) 7, Andy Whitfield(Poole) 6.



  • Chris Askew
  • Daniel Barrack
  • Kevin Baxter
  • Shaun Brame(1986)
  • Raymond Brookes(1987)
  • Ray Brookes
  • Victor Brookes
  • Paul Butler
  • Lee Byford
  • Wayne Byford
  • Steven Calver
  • Steve Canham
  • John Curtis
  • Stuart Flockhart
  • John Goodyear
  • Daniel Gould
  • Adrian Hakes
  • Jamie Hall
  • Stephen Hood
  • Peter Ingram(1988-95)
  • Phillip Jacobs
  • Paul Jay
  • Kenny Jessup
  • Paul Kettle
  • Stephen Mann
  • Steve Parker
  • Andrew Proctor
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Dominic Saul
  • Alan Scrutton(capt)
  • Robert Scrutton
  • Russell Smith
  • Neil Smy
  • Tim Snook(1986-94)
  • Nicky Soames
  • Kevin Sutton
  • Kevin Thurlow
  • Dean Webb(1991 +)
  • Steve Webb
  • Jamie White
  • Danny Woods
  • Graham Wright
  • Jason Wright
  • Danny Zagni(1986 +)


  • Raymond Brooks
  • Vic Brooks
  • Martin Buckles
  • Alan Busby
  • Lee Byford
  • Wayne Byford
  • Steven Calver
  • Scott Craigie
  • Neil Everett
  • John Feaviour
  • Daniel Gould
  • Simon Gould
  • S. Hadley
  • Jamie Hall
  • Peter Ingram(1988-95)
  • Phillip Jacobs
  • Paul Kettle
  • James Pullum
  • Dominic Saul
  • Alan Scrutton(capt)
  • Russell Smith
  • Neil Smy
  • Tim Snook(1986 +)
  • Mathew Standring
  • Paul Tooke
  • Dean Webb
  • Steve Webb
  • Glen Wildon
  • Adrian Williams
  • T. Woollard
  • Leon Yelland(1993-95)
  • N. Yelland
  • Daniel Zagni