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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Suffolk: Leiston Aces(1970s)

About the team

This team was a completely new one that was formed in 1974, when the new track was built at the Leiston Town Athletic Association(LTAA) Sports Ground in Victory Road, Leiston.

The track was officially opened by John Louis of Ipswich Speedway on Sunday 4th April 1976. The opening was attended by more than 500 spectators. Dave Hunting, the close season signing from Grundisburgh and the reigning Suffolk Individual Champion, was introduced to the supporters, together with Kenny Jessup, Steve Potter, John Fisher, John Chiverton and Dave Lacey(all ex Grundisburgh riders).

Length of track: 70 yards. Width: 16ft straights/18ft bends.

Club Colours: Red/White/Black breast plates, with Red shirts & White socks.

A Team Emblem - Ace of Clubs prominent with three Aces. B Team Emblem - Ace of Clubs.

Club President: Mr Brian Finch.

Club Vice Presidents: Mr B. Cooper; Mr E. Nunn; Mr G. Silbert.

Club Chairman: Mr A.M. Cooper.

Club Chairman: Mr L. Hunter(1977).

Club Secretary: Mr Mike Leek(1976).

Club Secretary: Ray Newstead, 5 Urban Road, Leiston(1978).

Team Manager "A" Team: Tony Watling(1976-78).

Team Manager "B" Team: Eric Cracknell/Mr I. Goold(1976-78).

The Club closed down in 1986.

Individual Honours.

1976 Dave Hunting(20) won the East Anglian Veterans Final at Norwich, runner up was Clive Hurrell(19) and 3rd was Mike Parkins(17).

1976 Dave Hunting(20) won the Brian Finch Open Individual at Leiston.


  • S. Adams
  • Robert Adams
  • John Anderson
  • Steven Ayers
  • Colin Baggott
  • C. Barber
  • Andrew Barker
  • Dean Barker
  • Derek "Punch" Barker
  • Raymond Barker
  • Pete Bolderstone
  • Paul Booker
  • Micky Bugg
  • John Chiverton
  • Paul Clarke
  • Steven Cooper
  • Malcolm Cordron
  • Peter Coull
  • Richard Coull
  • Eric "The Shout" Cracknell
  • Mark Cracknell
  • Shane Cracknell
  • Ian Davidson
  • Kevin Donnerly
  • Phil Dunnett
  • Matthew Dye
  • Simon Dye
  • David Emeny
  • Paul Emsden
  • John Fisher
  • Ricky Foreman
  • Dean Freeman(capt)
  • Lance Freeman
  • Gary French
  • Ricky French
  • Kevin George
  • Ian Gould
  • Mark Gunton
  • Dave Hunting(1976)
  • Kenny Jessup(1976)
  • Dave Lacey
  • Kelvin Lambert
  • Ian Leach
  • B. Lee
  • Dave Lee
  • Paul "Kipper" Lee
  • Kevin Leek
  • Mike Leek
  • Paul Levermoor
  • Terry Linsell
  • Steve O'Kane
  • Nigel Marjoram
  • Ray Olding
  • Mike Patrick
  • Trevor Pearce
  • Steve Potter
  • Bryan Quinton
  • Stephen Ruffell
  • Kevin Saunders
  • David Sawer
  • Tim Saxby
  • Tim Snook(1977-78)
  • A. Southorn
  • R. Stephenson
  • A. Stewart
  • P. Taylor
  • Robin Torkington
  • I. Walker
  • Tony "Skid" Watling
  • John Whiting
  • Mark Williams
  • Trevor Williams
  • Mike Woodcock
  • D. Wright
  • Gary Wright