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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Norfolk: Galley Pirates

About the team

1st Track was on the Galley Hills, very close to what is now the Hotel Norwich.

Track Dimensions 95 yards, surface red shale.

2nd Track was at Sloughbottom Park, Hellesdon Hall Road, off Norwich Outer Ring Road, Norwich.

Track Dimensions 80 yards x 17ft, track surface "Harco".

Club Colours: Orange/White/Blue.

Club Secretary: Barry Woodcock, 45 Bowers Avenue, Norwich(1962).

Club Secretary: Stan Slater, 25 Rye Avenue, Norwich NOR 53N(1964).

Club Secretary: R. Osborne, 40 Oxnead Road, Mile Cross, Norwich(1966).

Club General Secretary: Rod Witham, 4 Nuttele Close, Hempnall(1976).

Club Secretary: Roger Reeves, 20 Larkman Lane, Norwich(1978).

Club Chief Executive: Mr R.F. Witham(1978).

Team Manager: Alan Attoe.

Raced in the Norwich League 1963(winners).

Interesting Fact.

In 1973 Galley celebrated their Silver Jubilee with a 'Silver Jubilee Festival' at Sloughbottom in June. Over two thousand people watched the racing over the weekend, with the Jubilee Fours Final attracting a crowd of 500 plus, even though the event didn't start until 5.30pm on Sunday Evening. The weekend attracted unprecedented media coverage, both on the radio and TV, where highlights were shown on the BBCs 'Look East' programme. 

Individual Honours.

1958 Vic Goodson(12) won the Norfolk Riders Championship, runner-up Chris Humphries(11) of Hellesdon Lions, after a run-off with Dennis Howard of Norwich Stars.

1961 Barry Woodcock won the Reg Willgress Memorial Cup at Spixworth.

1962 Barry Woodcock(15) won the Norfolk Individual, runner up was Mike Parkins(Mulbarton), 3rd Dave Watson(Scottow).

1962 Barry Woodcock won the McKinlay Shield, runner up was Dennis Howard, 3rd Clive Hurrell(Norwich Stars).

1962 Vic Goodson(14) won the Reg Willgress Memorial Cup at Spixworth. Three riders scored 11 points. The result of the run-off was 1st Dave Watson(Scottow), 2nd Dave Hinsley(Spixworth Comets) and 3rd Eddie Paternoster(Hellesdon).   

1962 & 1963 Barry Woodcock & Clive Hurrell won the Uxbridge Best Pairs.

1963 Barry Woodcock won the Malcolm Flood Memorial Trophy, runner-up Mike Parkins(Norwich Stars), 3rd Clive Hurrell(Hellesdon Lions).

1963 Dennis Howard came runner-up in the Gazette Cup.

1966 Barry Woodcock won the Norwich Individual Final after a run-off with Rod Witham, 3rd was Dave Wickendon, 4th Dave Baxter.

1966 Barry Woodcock(15) won the Norfolk Senior Individual Final, runner up was Paul Baxter(14) from Marsham, 3rd was Clive Hurrell(13) of Norwich Stars.

1969 Rod Witham won the Reg Willgress Memorial Cup at Spixworth.

Team Honours.

1962 won the Norfolk League.

1963 won the Norfolk League, riding 18 matches, winning 15 and drawing 3, runners up Norwich Stars.

1963 Won the Willmott Cup. Beat Itteringham Rockets over two legs 129 - 87.

1964/65 won the Norfolk League.

1966 won the Norfolk League, runners up Eaton Tudors.

Club Honours.

The 1974 British Senior Individual Final was held at Sloughbottom Park, Norwich. This was the first format which became the future 'Finals Week-end', with the Saturday and Sunday promoting the Semi-Final rounds at four tracks on each day, and the Bank Holiday Monday  being the Finals Day for both the Senior & Junior(under 16) matches. The Referee for the Senior Final was Mr Jimmy Cobain(Greater Manchester). The winner was Kevin Greenhalgh(Offerton-Cheshire) after a run-off with Derek Knight(Bournemouth) 2nd, Mike Parkins(Spixworth-Norfolk) 3rd, and Fred Rothwell(Woodside) 4th, all riders having scored 12 points. Other scorers: Clive Hurrell(Norwich) 11, Martin Jarvis(Beckenham) 11, John Watling(Denton) 8, Keith Gibbons(Wednesfield) 7, John Watchman(Denton) 6, Allan Miller(Bristol) 6, Vic Haines(Thurrock) 5, John Leamon(Spixworth) 5, Jeff Weaver(Denton) 4, Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) 4, Pip Serbert(Woodside) 2, Mick Aris(Wednesfield) 2.

Speedway Riders.

Russell Osbourne rode for Boston.


  • Alan Attoe
  • John Attoe
  • Neil Attoe
  • P. Bennison
  • .... Bygrave
  • Mick Copsey
  • Mick Craske
  • Neville Eaglen
  • Paul Furness
  • Vic Goodson
  • Dennis Howard
  • A. Ingram
  • M. King
  • George Lovett
  • R. Metcalf
  • Russell Osbourne
  • Mike Parkins(1967)
  • Eddie Paternoster
  • S. Pendrill
  • Tony Reynolds
  • Paul Seaman
  • .... Simpson
  • Stan Slater
  • .... Waller
  • Dave Whitham
  • Rod Witham
  • Barry Woodcock


  • Alan Attoe
  • Neil Attoe
  • Steve Burridge
  • Paul Butler
  • W. Cooper
  • Carl Cutting
  • Mark Derby
  • K. Doubleday
  • B. Fuller
  • Kevin Fuller
  • R. Herron
  • R. Hopkins
  • Mark Jermy
  • Willy Kirk
  • Glen Norton
  • L. Norton
  • Richard Norton
  • Mike Parkins
  • Les Parnell
  • Eddie Paternoster
  • Phil Pilbrow
  • Mike Pryke
  • Roger Reeves
  • John Rhodes
  • Paul Rhodes
  • Jimmy Rix
  • John Rose
  • Paul Rose
  • Robert Royall
  • Mark Smith
  • Martin Smith
  • Steve Spink
  • Dave Whitham
  • Trevor Williams
  • Rod Witham
  • Paul Wooff