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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Essex: Wantz Meteors

About the team

Team formed in 1948 by a group of boys aged 14 - 18 in Dagenham, Essex.

Interesting facts.

For three weeks, working every night, the boys dug out a track on a piece of waste land, this activity attracting the local press, who displayed a photo in the 'Dagenham Post', complete with details of their riders, supporters and activities. All of this was in June, and it was not until September that four other teams came onto the scene. A local league was quickly formed, with just the four teams, and racing began the very same month. Within one week of the start, a fifth team joined the league. A Dagenham League Individual championship was arranged, with qualifying rounds and a final. Due to good local press coverage, over 1,000 people turned up to watch the final itself. The track was roped off, new fly-up starting gates were installed, and a loud speaker van was hired to give race results to the very large crowd. All the trophies were bought by the riders own pocket money, and West Ham Speedway rider Howdy Byford was there to make the presentations. The winner was Ron Johnson, 2nd was 'Sleuth' Newman, 3rd was Denny Hubble.


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