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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Norfolk: Norwich Stars

About the team

1st track was at Heartsease.

Also had a track at Scottow.

2nd track Hellesdon Community Centre, Middleton's Lane, Hellesdon, Norwich.

Track Dimensions: 80yards x 20ft, shale surface.

Club Colours: Sky Blue shirts with club badge on left breast, Black trousers, Navy Blue socks with Sky Blue tops.

Club Secretary: Mr H. Davey, 69 Holt Road, Hellesdon, Norwich, NOR 40 N.

Club Secretary: Mike Parkins, The Bungalow, Firs Stadium, Holt Road, Norwich(1964).

Club Secretary: Mike Parkins, 35 Newton Van Park, Newton St Faiths, Norwich(1966).

Club Secretary: Rob Boxall, 28 Glenda Road, New Costessey, Norwich(1978).

Club Manager: Pete Boxall.

Club Treasurer: John Dicks.

Raced in the Norwich League 1963(runners-up).

Team disbanded at the end of 1992.

Individual Honours.

George Lovett won the Norfolk Senior Individual(year not known).

1958 Dennis Howard & Derek Ingram won the Norfolk Best Pairs at Spixworth, with Gerry Abel & Reg Willgress(Spixworth Comets) runners-up.

1963 Mike Parkins won the Norwich Championship, runner-up Barry Woodcock(Galley Pirates), 3rd Clive Hurrell(Hellesdon Lions).

1963 Mike Parkins won the Galley Individual Trophy, runner-up John Attoe(Galley Pirates).

1963 Pete Boxall won the Norwich Junior Championship, runner-up Paul Furness(Galley Pirates), 3rd M. King(Trowse Tornadoes).

1964 Mike Parkins(13) won the Pride of the South, runner-up was Dave Butcher(12) of Southampton Saints, 3rd was Jeff Knock(11) of Leicester Monarchs after a run-off with Colin Wheeler.

1964 Peter Boxall(13) won the London Youth Championship, runner-up Colin Wheeler(12) of Southampton, and 3rd Roy Newman(11) from Horspath. 

1964 Brian Kett won the Norwich Junior Championship.

1965 Mike Parkins won the Thurrock Carnival Cup with a 15 point maximum, runner up was Ray Chivers, who had been the winner over the previous two years, and 3rd was Dave Chivers(Ray's brother), both riders from South London.

1965 Dave Wickenden won the Norfolk Individual Championship with 13 points, runner up, after a run-off was Clive Hurrell(Hellesdon) and third was Paul Baxter(Marsham), both on 11 points. In joint 4th place on 10 points were Barry Woodcock and Mike Parkins.

1966 Brian Kett won the Norfolk Senior Championship, runner-up Clive Hurrell.

1977 Phil Pilbrow came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1979 Clive Hurrell won the East Anglian Individual Championship.

1979 Clive Hurrell won the Trustee Savings Bank Norfolk Individual at Spixworth.

1980 Phil Pilbrow came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1982 Phil Pilbrow(18) won the World Masters at Reserve Parade, Findon, South Australia, runner up Geoff Patman(17) Bristol, 3rd Neil Toye(17) Australia.

1986 Andre Cross(16) won the British Under 21 Individual at Firth Park, Heckmondwike, runner up Mark Griffiths(16) Wednesfield, 3rd Martin Gale(15) Poole after run-off with Stuart McCabe(Thurrock) and Paul Shipley(Sandwell).

1996 Andre Cross(18) won British Individual Championship at Astley & Tyldesley, runner up Mark Newey(17) Sandwell, 3rd Andrew Jackson(17) Wednesfield.

Team Honours.

1952 Norfolk League Champions.

1958 Norfolk League Champions, Spixworth Comets runners-up, and Hellesdon Lions 3rd.

1964 won the Norwich Cup.

1978 Won the East Anglian League on 44 points, runners up Spixworth with 42 points, third Trimley Tigers on 34 points, and 4th Grundisburgh on 27 points.

Club Honours.

The 1974 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre, Norwich. The Referee was Mr John Mealing(Essex). The winner was Ian Fearnley(Woodside-Halifax) with 14 points, runner-up was Martin Gamble(Parkwood-Sheffield) on 12 points, 3rd was Ian Lawrence(South London) after a run-off with Sean Brett(Carrs Wood), both riders having scored 11 points. Other scorers: Tony Birch(South London) 9, Steve Donovan(South London) 9, Ian Blunt(Headley-Oxford) 8, Brian Eaton(Carrs Wood) 7, Phil Bainbridge(Leicester) 7, Ian Bennett(Woodside) 6, Chris Harrison(Leicester) 5, Colin Turvill(South London) 5, Howard Jackson(Carrs Wood) 5, Dickie May(Norwich) 4, Nigel Smith(Wednesfield) 3, Mike Burgess(Bristol) 3.

The 1978 British Senior Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre, Norwich. The Referee was Mr John Mealing(Essex). The winner was John Watchman(Blackley-Manchester) with 17 points, runner-up was Roger Ellis(Wednesfield-West Midlands) after a run-off with Kevin Greenhalgh(Blackley) 3rd, and Colin Wheeler(Southampton) 4th, all three riders scoring 16 points. Other scorers: Alan Guest(Wednesfield) 14, Allan Miller(Bristol) 14, Phil Pilbrow(Norwich) 14, Chris Strutt(Estuary) 13, Derek Knight(Poole) 12, Rob Smith(Trimley) 12, Mike Parkins(Galley) 11, Geoff Patman(Bristol) 10, Pip Serbert(Halifax) 10, Frank Finnigan(Offerton) 9, Chris Riches(Hawkinge) 7, Les Bowden(Blackley) 5.

The 1978 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre. The Referee was Mr Rob Dyer(Dorset). The winner was Malcolm Lane(Crawley-Sussex) with 19 points, runner-up was Ray Hall(Poole) on 18 points, 3rd was Paul Smith(Edmonton-North London) after a run-off with Nicky Davies(Newport-Wales) 4th, Chris Madden(Crawley) 5th, and Alan Airey(Halifax) 6th, after all four riders had scored 15 points. Other scorers: Pete Firth(Halifax) 12, Tim Punnett(Hawkinge-Kent) 12, Alan Hale(Bristol) 11, Ray Bevan(Coventry) 11, Ray Hawes(Bow-East London) 10, Steve Jones(Kingstanding-Birmingham) 9, Paul Dyson(Halifax) 9, Tony Bickerdike(Denton-Manchester) 9, Steve Titmus(Hayes-Middlesex) 8, Ivan Platts(Leicester) 4.

The 1981 British Under 21 Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre. The Referee was Mr Jim Hardy(Norfolk). The winner was Malcolm Lane(Crawley-Sussex) with 18 points, runner-up was Mark Reed(Exeter) after a run-off with Ian Clarke(Stradbroke-South Yorks), both riders scoring 16 points. Other scorers: Paul Dyson(Halifax) 15, Martyn Hepworth(Weymouth) 15, Calvin Stevens(Sandwell-West Midlands) 15, Tony Bickerdike(Denton-Manchester) 14, Paul Docker(Wednesfield) 13, Adrian Gale(Poole) 12, Paul LeMoignan(Poole) 11, Ian Gill(Thurrock-Essex) 10, Dave Artingstall(Denton) 10, Martin Zuk(Carrs Wood-Cheshire) 10, Alan Brown(Uxbridge-Middlesex) 9, Mick Docker(Wednesfield) 7, Stuart Williams(Coventry) 5.

The 1985 British Senior Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre, Norwich. The Referee was Mr Graham Sutton(Dorset). The winner was Kevin Sutton(Orwell-Suffolk) after a run-off with Tony Birch(South London), both riders having scored 16 points. 3rd was Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Malcolm Lane(Crawley) 4th and Les Bowden(Manchester) 5th. Other scorers: Jim Varnish(Birmingham) 14, Dennis Hubble(East London) 14, John Goodyear(Orwell) 12, Ade Gale(Poole) 12, Tim Snook(Great Blakenham)  12, Chris Strutt(Basildon) 12, John Cordery(Basildon) 10, Glyn Whale(East London) 10, Martin Zuk(Chesham) 10, Allan Miller(Bristol) 6, Steve Mullinder(Wednesfield) 6.

The 1985 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Hellesdon Community Centre. The Referee was Mr Paul Hitchcox(Oxfordshire). The winner was Lee Williams(Bristol St George) with 18 points, runner-up was Paul Shipley(Sandwell-West Midlands) on 16 points, 3rd was Julian Hardy(Poole) with 15 points. Other scorers: Pete Young(Edinburgh) 14, Mark Stevens(Bristol St George) 13, Martin Kent(Heckmondwike-West Yorks) 13, Nigel Bishop(Wednesfield) 13, Martin Gale(Poole) 13, Rob Green(Castle Donnington-Leics) 13, Paul Vaughan(Basildon-Essex) 11, Simon Merritt(Poole) 10, Steve Harris(Swindon) 9, Mark Newey(Sandwell) 8, Martin Ascroft(Whitley-Warks) 7, Danny Zagni(Great Blakenham-Suffolk) 7, Andy Melbourne(Wednesfield) 5.

The 1987 World Team Cup Final was held at Norwich. The Referee was Mr Ken Taylor(England).  Australia were eliminated in the qualifying rounds. England 48: Les Bowden(14), Martyn Hepworth(14), Roger Ellis(11), Martin Jarvis(5), Alan Miller(4) and Paul Bodley was the team manager. Wales 43: Colin Simmons(13), Dave Murphy(12), Mark Commins(10), John Bryant(8) and Gilbert Davis(dnr). Ireland 35: Neil Mason(11), John Murphy(8), Nigel Timms(8), Martin Gamble(7) and Dave Kilroy(1). Scotland 30: Pete Young(7), Dave Frith(7), Ray Oliver(6), Stuart Anthony(6) and Ian Middleton(4).

The 1987 World Individual(Masters) was held at Norwich. The winner was Martyn Hepworth(20), runner-up was Andy Barnes(16), and 3rd was Andy Harris, after a four man run-off with Geoff Patman, Paul Shipley and Dave May, all four riders scoring 15 points, and all four riders representing England. Rest of riders in order of scoring were: Geoff Patman(England) 15 - Paul Shipley(England) 15 - Dave May(England) 15 - Norman Venson(England) 14 - Les Bowden(England) 13 - John Goodyear(England) 12 - Mark Collins(England) 12 - Neil Toye(Australia) 11 - Steve Mullinder(England) 8 - Paul Ogden(England) 8 - Alan Guest(England) 8 - Andy Palmer(England) 7 - Ray Oliver(Scotland) 5. The referee was Mr Rob Dyer(Dorset).

The 1990 British Senior Individual Final was held at the Hellesdon Community Centre, Norwich. The Referee was Mr Ken Taylor(Greater Manchester). The winner was Martyn Hepworth(Poole), after a run-off wth Tim Snook(Ipswich), both riders having scored 16 points, 3rd was Mark Griffiths(Wednesfield) after a run-off with Dave Hemsley(Leicester) 4th and Jim Varnish(Wednesfield) 5th. Other scorers: Mark Hammersley(Tameside-Manchester) 14, Victor Brooks(Ipswich) 13, Phil Pilbrow(Eaton-Norfolk) 13, Dean Webb(Ipswich) 12, Roger Ellis(Wednesfield) 11, Chris Harrison(Leicester) 11, Mick Skinner(Leicester) 11, Danny Zagni(Ipswich) 8, Martin Kent(Heckmondwike) 6, Richard Lloyd(Dudley-West Midlands) 6, Andre Cross(Norwich) 5, Steve Harris(Bristol St George) 5.  

The 1990 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at the Hellesdon Community Centre. The Referee was Mr Ian Sizer(Gwent). The winner was Tony Herd(Australia & Wednesfield) with 17 points, runner-up was Andrew Jackson(Stockport-Cheshire) after a run-off with Wayne Byford(Ipswich-Suffolk) 3rd, Marc Ashton(Sheffield) 4th, Lee Benton(Basildon-Essex) 5th, and Steve Perkins(Sandwell-West Midlands) 6th, all five riders having scored 15 points. Other scorers: John Walker(Sandwell) 13, Jamie Hall(Ipswich) 12, Chris Potter(Poole) 11, Chris Gregory(Horspath-Oxford) 11, Phil Howells(Spixworth-Norfolk) 11, Peter Shale(Sheffield) 11, Paul Ashton(Sheffield) 10, Gary McNeil(Bristol St George) 10, Mark McNeil(Bristol St George) 10, Mark Whitehead(Leicester) 7.

Speedway Riders.

Malcolm Flood rode for Norwich.

Andre Cross rode for Wimbledon - Sittingbourne and Mildenhall.



  • Ken Adcock
  • B. Andrews
  • Peter Boxall
  • Robert Boxall
  • .... Claxton
  • David Cox
  • M. Crask
  • .... Davy
  • John Dicks
  • Neville Eaglen
  • .... Fisher
  • Malcolm Flood
  • .... Gilbert
  • S. Garrett
  • Chris Gooch
  • Mick Hannant
  • Dennis Howard
  • Clive Hurrell(capt)
  • Derek Ingram
  • .... Kent
  • Brian Kett
  • George Lovett
  • S. Mullins
  • Dave Neve
  • Glen Norton
  • Russell Osborne
  • Mike Parkins
  • Roger Parkins
  • Eddie Paternoster
  • D. Perry
  • Phil Pilbrow
  • Paul Seaman
  • F. Simpson
  • .... Smith
  • K. Steward
  • .... Tutmill
  • F. Waller
  • Dave Wickenden


  • M. Abel
  • Jerry Andrews
  • J. Asker
  • Peter Boxall
  • Robert Boxall
  • Colin Cannell
  • John Dicks
  • Neville Eaglen
  • Andy Freeman
  • Paul Goldsmith
  • Clive Goodrick
  • Robert Grand
  • Bob Grimwood
  • Mick Hannant
  • Colin Harvey
  • Tony Hudson
  • Clive Hurrell(capt)
  • Glen Jenkinson
  • Willy Kirk
  • Paul Lambert
  • David May
  • Richard May
  • Chris Millar
  • Steve Mullins
  • David Neve
  • Glen Norton
  • Dave Perry
  • Phil Pilbrow
  • Richard Rogers
  • Steven Royal
  • Trevor Royal
  • Paul Seaman
  • Kelvin Steward
  • G. Tooke

1980s +.

  • Darren Bailey
  • Nick Bedson
  • Mark Boxall
  • Rob Boxall
  • .... Brydon
  • M. Bulger
  • Ian Cannell
  • Calton Clarke
  • Gary Colby
  • Andre Cross
  • Chris Cullum
  • Andrew Davidson
  • Andy Ellis
  • Andy Freeman
  • R. Freeman
  • Gary Goodswen
  • Ian Grange
  • Warren Groom
  • John Lambert
  • Paul Lambert
  • Mike Marshall
  • David May
  • Steve Moore
  • Craig Norton
  • Glen Norton
  • Alan Parkins(1986)
  • Russell Parkins(1984)
  • Phil Pilbrow
  • G. Smith
  • Paddy Wenn
  • Leon Yelland(1996/97)