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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Norfolk: Scottow Horseshoes

About the team

Club formed in 1952, after four youngsters, namely Cyril Atkins, Trevor Hedge, John Tysoe and David Watson cycled to Spixworth to watch a meeting. Upon their return they decided to build their own track at Scottow, Trevor asking permission of his father to build the track on land that he owned. This first track was rather small, and a hedge was removed to increase it's size. As at first they could not afford track bikes, they used the track for running races. The first season the team raced friendlies against other Norfolk clubs in the area. 

1st Track was at Birds Yard, Trevor Hedges Fathers land.

Joint Team Managers: Mrs F. Jones & Mr F. Gibbons(both retired in 1956).

Club Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs D. Watson.

Team named after the local public house.

The team joined the Norwich League about 1956.

Team Colours: A Yellow Horseshoe on a Green background.

2nd track was on Scottow Playing field in Tunstead Road, being built in the Winter of 1957/58. Permission for this was granted after a meeting with the Parish Council and a representative of the National Playing Fields Association.

The track was 84yards in length, with the bends banked to a height of two feet.

First meeting on the new track took place in April 1958.

Raced in the North East Norfolk League 1963(finished 4th).

Team rode in the Norwich & District League.

Club Secretary/Treasurer: David "Willie" Watson, 22 Park Avenue, Scottow, Norfolk(1960s).

Team Manager: Derek Kirk.

Team Captain: John Tysoe.

Left the Norwich and District League to race in the North East Norfolk League.

Club Secretary: John Tysoe, Myome, Station Road, Coltishall, Norfolk(1966).

Team stopped racing in 1968.

Individual Honours.

1959 Trevor Hedge won the Norfolk Senior Individual Championship.

1963 John Tysoe won the Bure Trophy at Spixworth.

1965 David Watson(13) won the Reg Willgress Memorial Cup at Spixworth, runner up was Paul Baxter(Marsham) after a run off with Barry Woodcock(3rd) of Galley Pirates, and Sonny Garret(4th) of Norwich, all three riders having scored 11 points.

1966 David Watson won the Reg Willgress Memorial Cup at Spixworth.

Speedway Riders.

Trevor Hedge rode for Norwich - Wimbledon - Hackney - Leicester.


  • Tommy Allen
  • Barry Appleton
  • Bernard Appleton(1952)
  • Alfred Atkins(1952)
  • Brian Atkins
  • Colin Atkins
  • Cyril Atkins(1952)
  • Cecil Barker
  • Keith Bean
  • Trevor Bean
  • David Belson
  • Chris Blanch(1952)
  • Tony Clarke
  • Lawrence Colliyer
  • Maurice Durrant
  • Cliff Ellis
  • Henry 'Woofer' Fairhead(1952)
  • David Fiddy
  • Rodney Fuller
  • John Gibbons
  • Peter Gibbons
  • Trevor Gibson
  • David Gould
  • Austin Gray
  • Trevor Hedge(1952)
  • Glenn Jones
  • Keith Jones(1952)
  • Mike Kemp
  • Derek Kirk
  • Robert "Bobby" Marshall
  • Bob Parke(1952)
  • Alan Rose
  • Malcolm Siddell
  • Bob Thornton
  • Barry Tipple
  • John Tysoe(1952)
  • Headley Vaughan
  • David 'Willie' Watson(1952)
  • Michael Westgate
  • Barry Wilson
  • Bob Woodcock