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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

London North: Tottenham Kangaroos

About the team

Club formed in 1947.

Club Colours Blue & White.

1st track was in Markfield Road, this was destroyed in 1952.

2nd track was on Tottenham Marshes in Marsh Lane, Stonebridge Lock N17. This opened in 1952, but was filled in by the Council after the club had spent £160 on the track the previous season.

1962 moved to Well Street Common, Hackney where they raced in the British League.

Next track was on Marshes Playing Fields, Stonebridge Lock, Nr Northumberland Park Station, Tottenham N17, less than a mile from their previous track. This was opened in 1963 by Councillor Douglas Clark MP, the Mayor of Tottenham.

Raced in the East London League Div 1 1950.

Raced in the East London League Div 3 1951.

Raced in the East London League Div 2 1952.

Raced in the East London League Div 1 1953.

Raced in the Hertfordshire League 1952/54/55.

Raced in the North West Middlesex League.

Raced in the Essex League 1954.

Raced in the North London Independent league 1957/58.

Raced in the Middlesex County League 1959.

Affiliated to the British Cycle Speedway Federation, becoming one of the founder members of the British League.

Club Chairmab: Mr Eric Branch.

Hon Manager: Arthur Griffiths, 74 Tynemouth Road, Tottenham N15.

Hon Manager: Nobby Dunn, Whiteman Road, Harringay.

Club Secretary: Mr T Collins, 17 Leyburn Road, London N18.

Club Secretary: C.S. Stanfield, 353 Wightman Road, Hornsey, London N8(1962).

Club Secretary: T.P. Collins, 22 Miranda Road, London N19(1964).


The club signature record "Sweet Georgia Brown" was specially made and presented to Tottenham by Oriole Records Limited.

The club also had their own personal lorry for transporting the bikes and riders.

Team Honours.

1953 Middlesex Team champions.

1957 winners of both the North London Independent League and the KO Cup.

1967 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Leicester at Southampton. After 18 heats the score was all level at 54 points apiece. Three more heats took place, the first being drawn at 3 points each, the second was a 5-1 to Tottenham, and the third was a 4-2 to Edmonton. 

1969 English League "Gold Cup" winners, beating Edmonton at Thurrock.

Individual Honours.

1953 Bill Nutting was the East London Match Race Champion.

1956 John Berwick(13) won the North London Riders Championship after a run-off with Vic Cowell(Edmonton), 3rd after a run-off was Les Westwood(11) also of Edmonton, 4th Len Adams.

1958 Kenny Bennett(13) won the Junior Individual Championship, runner-up J. Healey(12) from Edmonton, third T. Lansey(10).

1961 John Cobbin(14) won the very first London Youth Championship at Tottenham. Runner up was Alan Rayner(13) of Thurrock, with Pete Saunders(11) of Bushey 3rd, after a run-off with B. Robbens(Edmonton), G. Watkins and R. Foy(both South London). 

1962 John Cobbin won the London Youth Championship at Well Street Common.

1962 John Cobbin won the English League Riders Championship(The Britannia Shield), runner up Ray Chivers(S/London), 3rd Roy Baker(S/London).

1964 John Cobbin(13) won the Southern Area Championship, runner-up was Dave Collins(11) after a run off with Len Adams(3rd) and Ray Chivers.

1965 Dave Collins won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up Mike Parkins(Norwich), 3rd Dave Butcher(Southampton).

1966 Dave Collins won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up Harry Glover(Leicester), 3rd Derek Garnett(Offerton).

1967 Paul Donaghy won the Broad Oak Charity Shield. Runner up was Arthur Ellis(South London) after a run-off with Ray Foy(South London) & Bernie Cable(Tottenham).

1968 John Cobbin(14) won the "Hellingly Supporters Trophy", runner-up after a run-off was Dave Collins(12), 3rd John Hocking(Southampton).

Interesting Fact.

On Sunday December 9th whilst travelling to Southampton in Mick Sneyds van, six of the team members were left severely shocked after the vehicle left the road in very wet conditions and collided with a lamp post. This was the first time in the club's history that they failed to honour a match.

The month of March 1964 was a wedding feast for the Tottenham riders. On the 7th Len Adams married his fiance Jaqueline, who was the sister of Clive Hill. Then on Saturday 28th two weddings took place, these between Nobbie Dunn and Christine Halls, best man being Terry Collins. The other was between Tony Marsh and his fiance Frances.

On Thursday 22nd July 1965 Tottenham entertained a Holland touring team, this consisting of Herman van Boeijen, Fred van den Dolder, Anto Kok, Johan Joudijs, Donald Reiche and Freek van der Wilt. The result was a win for Holland by 60 - 48 points. The scorers were. TOTTENHAM: Malcolm Reading 12, Pete Hooper 11, Pete Chapman 8, Alan Whittaker 6, John Cobbin 6, Pete Edwards 5. HOLLAND: Johan Koudijs 18(max), Fred van den Dolder 14, Donald Reiche 12, Herman van Boeyen 10, Anton Kok 5, Freek van der Wilt 1.  

Speedway Riders.

Bob Andrews rode for California - Wolverhampton - Wimbledon - Hackney  and Cradley Heath.

Ray Bales rode for Kings Lynn - Leicester and Boston.


  • Len Adams(capt)
  • Chris Addis
  • Bob Andrews
  • C. Archer
  • A. Balding
  • Terry Daldwin
  • Andrew Bales
  • Ray Bales
  • Chris Barltrop
  • Jim Bennett
  • Kenny Bennett
  • Johnny Berwick
  • John Boulger
  • Paul Bowden
  • F. Bracey
  • Wally Bracey
  • Ken Brenchley(capt 1951)
  • Len Broderick
  • Ray Brown
  • Bernie Cable
  • Pete Carless(1951)
  • Paul Carr
  • Alan Catley(capt 1951)
  • Pete Chapman(1952)
  • Pete Cheysmall
  • Tom Chubb
  • Nobby Clarke(1952)
  • John Cobbin
  • Bob Collins
  • Dave Collins
  • Terry Collins
  • Tom Collins
  • Mick Curry
  • W. Cutter(1951)
  • Johnny Dalligan(1950)
  • L. Davis(1950)
  • Mick De Bear
  • Mike De Bear
  • L. Devoir
  • Wally Dighton
  • Dusty Dolan
  • J. Donaghy
  • Paul Donaghy
  • Nobby Dunn(capt)
  • Pete Edwards
  • Ron Elks(1951)
  • Alan Ford
  • Steve Fordham
  • Brian Frost(1951)
  • Billy Fullwood
  • Ron Gibbons
  • Derek Gray(1952)
  • Mick Green
  • Vic Haines
  • Alan Hawkins
  • Clive Hill
  • Pete Hooper
  • Den House
  • J. Jackson
  • Mick Jeffery's
  • Brian Jones
  • Ted Jones(1951)
  • Michael Kline
  • T. Lansley
  • Eddy Lawrence(1948/49)
  • Terry Lea
  • John Macarthur
  • Tony Marsh(1963-65)
  • Johnny Mason(1951)
  • David Miller
  • Jim Mitchell
  • Tony Mobbs
  • Pete Morrison(1948/49)
  • J. Naylor(1950)
  • William "Bill" Nutting(1951)
  • C. Pettitt
  • Johnny Pinnock
  • Tom "Tiger" Pope
  • Johnny "Pansy" Potter
  • Johnny "The Rock" Reade
  • Malcolm "Legs" Reading
  • Steve Reardon
  • J. Rigby
  • Alf Russell(1950)
  • Ted Saunders
  • Ted Sear
  • "Butch" Selway(1950)
  • Ian Sewell
  • Mick Seyd
  • Bill Sherman(1948/49)
  • Charlie Sims(1951)
  • Mike Smith
  • S.D. Smithson(1951)
  • Len Songhurst
  • J. Thick
  • Brian Travis
  • John Tyler
  • "Pudding" Wakeman
  • ..... Wardale
  • A. Warren
  • "Split" Warrington(1950)
  • Alan Whittaker
  • John Whittaker
  • Ron Whittaker
  • Vic White
  • ..... Wilde
  • Derek Wills
  • Colin Wilson(1950)
  • D. Woollard(1951)
  • P. Woollard(1951)
  • P. Wootton


  • Andrew Bales
  • J. Bradford
  • John Cobbin
  • Ian Coia
  • Gary Dean
  • L. Deviour
  • John Donaghy
  • Paul Donaghy
  • Nobby Dunn
  • Keith Excell
  • Pete Hooper
  • Martin Jarvis
  • Allen Jones
  • M. Knell
  • B. Maynard
  • G. McCardle
  • P. Murray
  • Paul Russo
  • D. Saunders
  • Alan Straines
  • Nick Thresher
  • Dave Tijou
  • Ken Tomkins
  • D. Wildash
  • Steve Wilde
  • I. Williams