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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Middlesex: Uxbridge Pirates

About the team

Originally known as Harefield Pirates until the start of the 1961 season.

The track was at Manor Way Recreation Ground, Uxbridge.

Listed as a Grade 1 Track.

Raced in the North Middlesex League.

Raced in the London & Home Counties League.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1962 - 1966(Div 1).

Also the National League.

Members of NACSA.

Maurice Maitland served on the NACSA Executive Committee in 1961.

Club Secretary: Geoff Pearce, 1 Mead Avenue, Langley, Bucks(1961).

Club Manager/Treasurer: Maurice Maitland, 132 Manor Way, Uxbridge(1961).

Fixtures Secretary: Bill Punter(1961).

Press Secretary; John King(1961).

Club Secretary: Peter Crissell, 37 Manor Way, Uxbridge, Middlesex(1965).

Held social meetings every Friday at the Cowley Brick P.H.

Individual Honours.

1961 Pete Povey won the Middlesex Junior Individual, after a three man run-off with Dick Strutton(Wembley) & Rod Smith (Hendon).

1963 Dixie Dean won the Middlesex Individual round of the National Rounds, Bill Punter & Johnny Unsworth joint 2nd.

1965 Graham Fletcher won the first London Riders Championship at Wormwood Scrubs with 14 points, runner up was Mick Currey (whose bike packed up whilst leading the opening heat) on 12 points, and 3rd was Ron Watters on 11 points.

1965 John Grant won the Pride of Middlesex Trophy.

1965 R. Clark(15) won the Novice of the Year(first year riders) at White City, runner up B. King(White City), after a run-off with M. Bird(Wembley) and T. Redman(Wembley), all three scoring 13 points.

1966 John Grant won the Home Counties Junior Individual, runner up Mick Hosier(Raynes Park), 3rd Keith Burton(Southampton).

!966 John Grant won the Pride of Middlesex Trophy with a 15 point max at Watford. Runner-up was John Hill(14) of White City, 3rd after a run-off was Dave Smith and 4th was Ian Robinson, both riders scoring 12 points, being team mates at Uxbridge.

1967 Ian Robinson won the Pride of Middlesex Trophy at Bushey with a 15 point max. Runner-up was Bill Kelly(Hendon) who scored 13, 3rd was Dennis Riley(Watford) on 12 points. 

1969 Graham Fletcher(13) won the Home Counties League Senior Individual Final at Epping.

1969 J. Grant(11) came 4th in the Home Counties League Senior Individual Final after run-off with Mickey Fenn(Newham).

1977 Alan Brown won the ASC(Avon Sports Centre) Youth Championship Individual at Bristol.

1978 Alan Brown won the ASC(Avon Sports Centre) Youth Championship Individual at Bristol.

1979 Alan Brown won the ASC(Avon Sports Centre) Youth Championship Individual at Bristol. With a £750 prize list, the event attracted 32 of the country's top under 21s to Bristol. Alan Brown won a portable television, a handsome silver cup, a full set of racing kit, and a ASC holdall to take it all home in. Bob Henshall(Swindon) and Paul Dyson(Halifax) took the minor placings on 18 points apiece, just one point behind Alan.

1980 Alan Brown(18) won the London & District Senior Individual Championship, runner-up after a run-off was Ian Lawrence of South London, 3rd Phil Clark of Crawley, and 4th Bill Hopkins of Hawbush, all three riders having scored 17 points.

Team Honours.

1963 won the newly formed Home Counties League, this taking the place of the North West Middlesex League. Runners up were Raynes Park Tigers. The team remained unbeaten throughout the season.

1963 won the KO Cup at Whipps Cross, beating Raynes Park Tigers 40 - 56.

1963 reached the Final of the National Team championship, losing to Gorton by 50 - 45.

1964 won the treble consisting of the Home Counties First Division, the Home Counties First Division Knock Out Cup, plus the Home Counties Knock Out Cup, as well as the St John Knock Out Cup. As like the previous season, the team remained unbeaten in the League. Estuary Eagles were runners-up in the League. Wembley Lions came 3rd, and were the beaten finalists in the League K.O. Cup.

1967 came runners-up in the National Team Final at Carrs Wood, being beaten by Southampton Vikings 51 - 41.

1967 came runners-up in the Home Counties League.

1967 won the "Stan Seymour" Div 1 Knock Out Cup, beating Southampton Vikings at Raynes Park.

Club Honours.

The 1961 British Senior Individual Final was held at Manor Way, Uxbridge. The Referee was Lionel Baldwin(Berkshire). The winner was Vic Hinchliffe(Offerton-Cheshire) with 14 points, runner-up was Derek Garnett(Offerton) after a run-off with Dave Chivers(Raynes Park-Surrey), both riders having scored 12 points. Other scorers: Brian Moston(Carrs Wood) 11, Dixie Dean(Uxbridge) 10, Pete Blackwell(Kingstanding) 8, Wally Dighton(Raynes Park) 8, Vinny Marsland(Gorton) 8, John Mills(Southampton) 8, Dennis McGhee(Carrs Wood) 6, Andy Bright(Tatnum) 5, Glyn Brimson(Tolworth) 5, Tommy Davis(Weston) 4, John Watling(Gorton) 4, Roger Nicholson(Tatnam) 3, Ray Lewis(Earlsdon) 1.

The 1961 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Manor Way, Uxbridge. The Referee was Colin Morse(Wiltshire). The winner was Mick Currey(Whipps Cross-East London) with 13 points, runner-up was Pete Povey(Uxbridge) after a run-off with Vic Collins(Southampton), after both riders had scored 11 points. Other scorers: Colin Sanders(Tatnam-Dordet) 10, Brian Cottrell(Southampton) 10, Jim Stagg(Shirley-Hants) 10, Vic Armstrong(Horspath-Oxford) 9, John Tarr(Tatnam) 8, Peter Green(Minster Lovell-Oxford) 7, Adrian Lewis(Horspath) 7, Robin Morse(Swindon) 6, Clive Littlewood(Longsight-Manchester) 5, Peter Sinnett(Horspath) 4, Howard Stafford(Bredbury-Cheshire) 4, John Aspray(Openshaw-Manchester) 3, Josh Gleave(Openshaw) 2.

The 1971 British Senior Individual Final was held at Manor Way, Uxbridge. The Referee was Mr Bill Punter(Middlesex). The winner was Roger Ellis(Wednesfield-West Midlands) with 12 points, runner-up was Mike Cockroft(Ivy House-Halifax) on 11 points, 3rd was Derek Garnett(Offerton-Cheshire) after a run-off with John Whiting(Blackley-Manchester), both riders scoring 10 points. Other scorers: Kevin Greenhalgh(Blackley) 9, John White(Offerton) 9, Dave Carter(Ivy House) 9, Brian Johnson(Denton) 8, John Watling(Denton) 8, Tony Johnson(Tolworth) 7, Dave Parsons(Leicester) 6, Bruce Heath(Leicester) 6, Bob Hemmings(Earlsdon) 5, Dave Perks(Oldbury) 5, Ken Taylor(Ivy House) 4, Fred Rothwell(Dodgeholme) 2.

The 1971 British Under 18 Individual Final was held at Manor Way. The Referee was Mr Dave Blinston(Lancashire). Winner was George Russell(Offerton) with a 15 point maximum. Runner-up was Steve Casey(Gorton) with 13 points, 3rd was Steve Whitehead(Blackley) on 12 points. Other scorers: Paul Swaine(Leicester) 10, Roger Farrell(Gorton) 10, Steve Mills(Denton) 7, Ronald Nicolson(Hampden) 7, Mick Taylor(Earlsdon) 7, Colin Mountain(Leicester) 7, John Bower(Offerton) 7, Steve Helliwell(Woodside) 6, Steve Clarke(Oldbury) 6, Tim Barden(Earlsdon) 4, Dave Moore(Wednesfield) 4, Neil Grant(Hampden) 3.



  • .... Baker
  • Alan Barker
  • A. Bevan
  • I. Black
  • Graham Brown
  • Bernie Cable
  • Nigel Carter
  • Danny Causer
  • Eric Chamberlain
  • Geoff Chamberlain
  • Ray Clarke
  • Pete Crissell
  • Len "Dixie" Dean(1963)
  • Alan Douglas
  • Ian Dunford
  • .... Field
  • Graham Fletcher
  • Elfryn Forbes
  • John Grant
  • Bren Harper
  • Ken Harris
  • .... Hill
  • M. Hosier
  • Chris Hunt(capt)
  • Eddie James
  • Vaughan Jones
  • John King
  • Pete Leckie
  • Reg Lester
  • K. Miller
  • Dave Murdock
  • Roger Nicholls
  • Ernie Norris
  • Geoff Pearce
  • John Perkins
  • Pete Povey
  • Bill Punter
  • Graham Radley
  • Brian Robinson
  • Ian Robinson
  • K. Robinson
  • P. Robinson
  • Paul Sargood
  • Roger Seymour
  • Mick Shammas
  • D. Smith
  • Pete Smith
  • R. Tappin
  • Roy Tuthill
  • John Unsworth
  • Paul Unsworth
  • Lenny Waller
  • Ian Wetherley

1970s + .

  • Dave Atkyns
  • Ken Bratton
  • Alan Brown
  • Ray Clarke
  • J. Crook
  • Jeff Gould
  • John Grant
  • Pete Hannington
  • Bren Harper
  • Steve Harris
  • Tony Haynes
  • Chris Hunt
  • Gary Innes
  • Dave Kavanagh
  • C. Lucas
  • Dave Murdock
  • John Palowski
  • John Perkins
  • Bill Punter
  • Graham Radley
  • K. Robinson
  • Mick Shammas
  • Kevin Smith
  • Lee Smith
  • Keith Snelling
  • Malc Stevens
  • Geoff Stone
  • Dave Thomas
  • Roy Warman
  • Peter White
  • Jeff Winchester