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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

London North West: Wembley Lions

About the team

Originally known as the Hawks, they became the Lions in 1961.

Track was at Birch End Grove, Kingsbury, at the top of a hill overlooking the Welsh Harp, London NW10.

Raced in the Middlesex Indepedent League 1961.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1963-1965(Div 1) and 1966(Div 2).

Rider/Manager: Bill Gadsby(1957-62).

Rider/Manager: Bob Saunders(1962 +).

Club Secretary: Roy Tuthill, 10 Bridger Close, Garston, Watford(1966).

Club Secretary: W. Gadsby, 25 Mayfield Gardens, Hanwell, London W7(1962).

Club Secretary(Wembley Lions "B"): R. Edwards, 62 Clifford Road, Wembley, Middlesex(1962).

Club Secretary: R. Saunders, "Wildwood", Wildwood Avenue, Bricket Wood, Watford, Herts(1964).

Club Secretary: K. Harris, 158 Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex(1965).

Individual Honours.

1961 Fred Bouttell(15) won the Middlesex Senior Individual, runner up Bren Harper(Uxbridge) after a run-off with Dixie Dean (Hendon), both riders scoring 12 points.

1962 Chris Hunt(13) won The Pride of Middlesex(Juniors) at Hayes after a run-off with Mick Walker(Wembley Lions), 3rd was Graham Fletcher(12) from Uxbridge Lions.

1963 Chris Hunt(15 max) won The Pride of Middlesex(Juniors) at Kingsbury, runner up was Paul Richardson(13) from Morden Stars, 3rd was Dave Worthington(11) also Morden Stars.

1964 Chris Hunt(15 max) won the Pride of Middlesex(Juniors) at Bushey, runner up Roy Brooks(13) Stonebridge Vikings, 3rd Vic Haines(12) Hackney Cheetahs.

1964 Chris Hunt(15) won the Bank Holiday Championship at Hendon, Bob Saunders(13) from White City Racers was runner-up, 3rd Roy Tuthill(12).

1965 Chris Hunt & Bonny Edwards won the White City Invitation Senior Best Pairs.

1966 Chris Hunt & Barry Taylor won the White City Invitation Senior Best Pairs.

Team Honours.

1961 Middlesex Independent League Champions, runners up Hendon Stars, third Wembley Monarchs.



  • R. Baker
  • M. Bird
  • Errol Blanche
  • Frank Blinman
  • Terry Blest
  • Fred Bouttell
  • Keith Bristow
  • Roy Brooks
  • Buster Brown
  • Vic Burton(capt)
  • Chips Chater
  • Barry Cornell
  • Peter Courts
  • R.H. Courts
  • Dave Dunlop
  • Bonny Edwards
  • R. Edwards
  • M. Elkins
  • S. Fallon
  • G. Farr
  • Graham Fletcher
  • Douglas Forbes
  • Bill Gadsby
  • Del Green
  • Alan Harman
  • Bren Harper
  • Ken Harris
  • J. Hill
  • Mick Honour
  • Chris Hunt
  • Reg Lester
  • C. McDougall
  • Frank Males
  • Ron Mallett
  • R. Morse
  • T. Palmer
  • Gerry Pearce
  • Johnny Pinnock
  • Terry Porter
  • Bill Rankmore
  • T. Redman
  • J. Russell
  • Sid Russell
  • Terry Russell
  • Bob Saunders
  • Pete Saunders
  • Pete Sargeant
  • D. Shaw
  • Roy Small
  • Fred Smallwood
  • Tony Smith
  • D. Spence
  • Dick Strutton
  • Barry Taylor
  • Chris "Trigger" Tredidgo
  • Roy Tuthill
  • B. Vaughan
  • P. Wain
  • Mick Walker
  • Terry Walker
  • Gerry Wallis
  • Ron Watters
  • Ken Wildman