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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

London West: White City Racers

About the team

Track was on Wormwood Scrubs Common, Scrubs Lane, London W12.

Club Secretary: R. Saunders, "Wildwood", Wildwood Avenue, Bricket Wood, Watford(1965).

Club Treasurer: Mrs Pittingale.

Club Manager: Bob Saunders.

Club Colours: Blue, Yellow & Red.

Raced in the Middlesex Independent League 1960s.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1966(Div 2).

All other details the same as Kensington Wasps.

Individual Honours.

1966 John Hill & Brian King won the White City invitation Junior Best Pairs.

1966 Jess Brookes & Trev Davies came runners-up in the White City Invitation Junior Best Pairs.

1968 Pete Jones(13) won the Junior Pride of Middlesex at Bushey Heath, runner up Elfryn Forbes(13) Hendon Aces, 3rd Dave Digby(12) White City Racers. 

1968 Dave Digby(14) won the League Individual Final at Watford, runner-up B. Kelly(13) Hendon, 3rd Elfryn Forbes(12) Hendon, after a run-off with P. Jones(White City) and Arthur Cowdery(Hendon).

Team Honours.

1967 won the Middlesex Independent League, runners-up Uxbridge Lions. 

Speedway Riders.

Bill Pittingale rode for California, Rye House & Eastbourne.


  • P. Arrowsmith
  • A. Ayres
  • B. Bailey
  • D. Baynton
  • K. Bennett
  • Don Bevin(1948)
  • S. Bevin(1948)
  • B. Bingleton
  • Jess Brookes
  • Trevor Davies
  • Dave Digby
  • P. Dowdall
  • Jim Eaglestone
  • Brian Hawkes
  • John Hill
  • R. Hills
  • Mick Hosier
  • D. Hutt
  • John Hutt
  • Pete Jones
  • B. Kean
  • Pete Kelly
  • Brian King
  • D. King
  • T. King
  • Sid Langridge(1948)
  • Reg Lester
  • B. Lyons(1948)
  • John Lyons(1948)
  • Terry Monaghan
  • Ivan Noble
  • Reg Page
  • B. Patterson
  • .... Payne
  • Bill Pittingale
  • Bruce Pittingale(capt)
  • J. Power
  • Sid Rouse(1948)
  • Terry Russell
  • Bob Saunders
  • K. Sharp(1948)
  • B. Taylor
  • F. Taylor
  • P. Tibbles
  • G. Tovey
  • Roy Tuthill
  • C. Vine(1948)
  • Ron Watters(capt)
  • Jim Whall
  • Colin Wheeler
  • Len Wilman(1948)
  • B. Wood
  • J. Zetter(1948)