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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Kent: Beckenham Monarchs

About the team.

Track on Churchfields Recreation Ground, Churchfields Road, Beckenham, Kent.

Track Dimensions: 80yards x 16ft, Red Shale surface.

Club Colours: Red/White.

Previously known as the Beckenham Pirates.

Raced in the Southern Premier League.

Joined the B.C.S.F. racing in the British League.

Raced in the B.B.C. Radio London League 1981/82.

Raced from 1956 - 1982.

In 1958 amalgamated with Thornton Heath Cobras, running the Monarchs as the 1st team, and the Cobras as the 2nd team.

Club President: Bud Flanagan(entertainer).

Club Chairman/Manager: Ron Johnson.

Club Manager: Pete Jarman(1959).

Club Secretary: Ron Johnson, 105 Marsala Road, Lewisham SE13(1959 - 1965).

Club Secretary: John Richardson.

Club Secretary: B.G. Vickers, 77 Ellerton Road, Dagenham, Essex(1974-82).

Club Treasurers: Ann Jarman & Ray Leggo.

Team Manager/Secretary: Bernie Vickers.

Individual Honours.

1958 Pete Jarman(15) won the first Essex Grand Prix at Southend. Runner-up was Pete Blackwell(11) from Kingstanding Monarchs, with "Sandy" McGilivray(10) 3rd, after a run-off with Bill Punter(4th) and Pete Leckie(5th).

1958 Pete Jarman won the "Champion of Champions" at Garrett Park, after a run-off with Gerry Kean(Kingstanding Monarchs), both scoring 13 points. 3rd was Dave Chivers(Raynes Park Tigers) with 11. Equal 4th were Dixie Dean(Wembley Hawks) and Ivan Mauger(South London Rangers) both scoring 10 points.

1963 Wally Dighton won the Pride of the South at Bournemouth, runner-up Malcolm Reading(Tottenham), 3rd Barry Dawes(Horspath).

1964 Geoff Smith(12) won the Broad Oak Charity Cup, runner-up was Mike Pretty(11) of Bournemouth Viscounts, after a run-off with John Sanderson of Leicester Monarchs.

1971/72 Martin Jarvis won the London Youth Title.

1973 Martin Jarvis again won the London Youth Title, being the first rider to win it three consecutive years(this was the 13th London Youth to be held at Tottenham). 

Club Honours.

1975 won the South East Knockout Cup.

Interesting Facts.

In 1960, two years after Ron Johnson visited Holland for the World Individual Championships at Hilversum, a return by the Beckenham team was arranged in conjunction with a racing holiday. Memories of this visit were still vivid, and in November 1963 Ron Johnson returned to Holland to make arrangements for the Beckenham team to return to Hilversum in 1964. On Friday 24th July 1964 at 5.45pm the advance party of Tommy Spaulding & Dickie Hudders moved off from Beckenham en route to Dover for the sea crossing to Dunkirk. Their cargo consisted of 8 track machines, their luggage, plus a full passenger list of Laurence Spaulding, Tommy Spaulding's wife Heather plus young son Mark, together with Dickie Hudder's wife and brother in-law. On the 25th July 1964 at 8.00am the rest of the party departed from Liverpool St Station en route to Harwich, then crossing the North Sea to the Hook of Holland on the boat train Princess Beatrix. Docking at the Hook at 5.15pm the party disembarked, but not without incident. "Duffy" Dighton ran into difficulties with Dutch officialdom, having misplaced his landing ticket, he was refused permission to leave the quayside. Wally's cockney accent did not seem to impress the Dutch official, who insisted "no landing ticket - no leave boat". Fortunately Wally's ticket was eventually found with Tommy Davies, and Wally, who was now being looked upon as an undesirable alien, was allowed to pass through the Dutch customs control. Boarding the train to Rotterdam, the party amused the locals with some community singing, no doubt relieved that the by now cigar smoking Wally and Tommy Davies were still with them. Changing trains at Utrecht for their connection to Hilversum, the party were greatly impressed upon their arrival at Hilversum station, for the whole of the Hollandse Welpen Cycle Speedway Club were there to welcome them with a cavalcade of vehicles to transport the team and their supporters to their hotel. 

On Monday 19th July 1965 Beckenham entertained a Holland touring team, the result being a win for Beckenham by 53 - 41 points. Scorers. BECKENHAM: Neil Goodrum 12, Geoff Smith 9, D Dines 8, Laurence Spaulding 7, Bernie Cable 6, Wally Dighton 5, Tony Chalmers 4, G Bovington 1. HOLLAND: Johan Koudijs 11, Fred van den Dolder 8, Donald Reiche 7, Tommy Spaulding(guest) 5, Herman van Boeyen 4, Danny Daniels(guest) 4, Freek van der Wilt 2, Anton Kok 0.

Speedway Riders.

Pete Jarman rode for Stoke - Oxford - Eastbourne - Wolverhampton and Cradley Heath.


  • Chris Adams
  • Dave Atkins
  • Brian Baker
  • Richard Baker
  • Eric Bean
  • Dennis Blakeley
  • John Blakeley
  • Eric Bolt
  • J. Borrowman
  • G. Bovington
  • Tito Burns
  • Ian Byers
  • Bernie Cable
  • Pat Carey
  • Tony Chalmers
  • Graham Coombs
  • Paul Cooper
  • Dennis "Danny" Daniel
  • Tommy Davis
  • Keith Dawson
  • Wally Dighton
  • David Dines
  • Steve Dixon
  • Stephen Dobson
  • C. Essery
  • Freddie Fountain
  • Ronnie Freeman
  • J. Gebbett
  • Neil Goodrum
  • Brian Greatley
  • M. Harlow
  • Alan Harvey
  • Dickie Hudders
  • Keith Jackson
  • Pete Jarman
  • Brian Jarrett
  • D. Jennings
  • D. Lany
  • Ray Leggo
  • Stuart Leggo
  • Jim McCann
  • Ray Marshall
  • D. Mountenay
  • Steve Myhill
  • John Richardson
  • .... Selmes
  • Ian Smith
  • Geoff Smith
  • Laurence Spaulding
  • Mark Spaulding
  • Tommy Spaulding
  • A. Sutton
  • J. Sutton
  • Roy Tressider
  • .... Treivenor
  • Bobby Wall
  • Martin Willgress


  • Ian Alexander
  • Clive Allen
  • Rory Austin
  • Chris Bartlett
  • Steve Bartlett
  • Steve Bellinham
  • Duncan Brackley
  • Duncan Byers
  • Ian Byers
  • Steve Came
  • Danny Daniels
  • Arthur Ellis
  • Ray Foy
  • John Fromant
  • Graham Frost
  • Darryl Gibbs
  • Keith Gibbs
  • Paul Gibbs
  • Fred Gilbert
  • David Gott
  • Mick Green
  • Steve Hall
  • Gary Harman
  • Steve Harman
  • Ray Heyter
  • Dave Hewitt
  • Kevin Heybourne
  • Dave Hillier
  • K. Jackson
  • Martin Jarvis
  • T. Jefferies
  • Paul Leason
  • Stuart Leggo
  • Nicky Mott
  • Steve Myhill
  • Barry Nicholas
  • Andy O'Regan
  • Chris Parks
  • Mark Peasey
  • Phil Probert
  • Jamie Shaw
  • Nigel Sparshot
  • C. Spaulding
  • Pat Stevenson
  • Peter Stevenson
  • John Toogood
  • Mark Topliss
  • Jerry Vane
  • Bill Wall
  • Steve Whiffen
  • Alan Williams
  • Colin Worrell
  • Peter Worrell