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Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages

Essex: Estuary Eagles

About the team

First track was in Great Wakering near where Den Winch lived.

Second track was on waste land opposite Southend High School.

Next Track was at Southchurch Park(East), Lifstan Way, Thorpe Bay, Essex.

Track Dimensions: 82yards x 18ft, red shale surface.

Club Colours: Yellow shirts, Black Trousers.

Club Secretary: George Bridge, 4 Chestnut Grove, Southend-on-Sea.

Club Secretary/Manager: Den Winch, 34 Olivers Crescent, Great Wakering(1960s).

Team Manager: Den Winch(1960s).

Club Secretary/Manager: Val Hockley, 34 Avondale Road, Benfleet, Essex(1978).

Club Treasurer: Nigel Hoggart.

Raced in the Southend & District League 1962.

Raced in the Middlesex League 1962.

Raced in the Home Counties League 1963/64/65(Div 1).

Interesting Fact.

At Whitsun 1964 Estuary Eagles promoted their first gala on the lines of the Hungerford week-end. The event was part of Southend's Golden Jubilee celebrations and a tremendous amount of help was given to the club by the local council. A new cinder surface was laid for the event, but with 216 races over the week-end, it cut up rather badly. Sheer hard work on the part of the Estuary members kept the track rideable, and on the Monday the surface was far better than the previous day. Thirteen teams from across the country converged on Southend and the racing was of the highest order. Offerton Devils were outstanding in each of the three main events, winning the four-a-side tournament for the May Cup with an unbeaten run through the qualifying rounds. Derek Garnett & Vic Hinchliffe were the winner and runner-up respectively in the Senior Grand Prix. Team of the day was undoubtably local side Rayleigh Rockets, who, in their first season in the second division of the Home Counties League, surprised everyone by reaching the final of the four-a-side tournament. Surprises for the week-end included Carrs Wood going out in the first round of the four-a-side, and all the Estuary riders being eliminated in the first round of the Senior Grand Prix(although Johnnie Brookes came into the final to replace Angus Mckenzie, who stood down). Strongly fancied Juniors Chris Hunt, Roy Russell and Val Hockley also failed in the Junior event. Scottish Rangers, after their long arduous journey through the Whitsun week-end traffic, did well to reach the semi-final of the four-aside, while promoting club Estuary rode consistently well to finish runners-up to Offerton in the final. Comment from Derek Garnett after 22 rides over the week-end: "We came down here to ride, and man, we rode". Comment from Bert Mansbridge: "The track will be very good when it settles down".

Result: 4-a-side Tournament(for the May Cup).         

Round 1: Offerton Devils 23 - Raynes Park Tigers 10 - Galley Pirates 18 - Estuary Eagles 21.

               Scottish Rangers 18 - Wembley Lions 16 - Carrs Wood Hunters 15 - Norwich Stars 23.               

               Kingsbury Lions 19 - Estuary Lions 14 - Rayleigh Rockets 22 - Hungerford Panthers 17.

1st Semi-Final:  Offerton Devils 25 - Rayleigh Rockets 18 - Galley Pirates 16 - Scottish Rangers 13.

2nd Semi-Final: Norwich Stars 18 - Estuary Eagles 24 - Kingsbury Lions 9 - Tolworth Tudors 21.

Final:  Offerton Devils 43:  Derek Garnett 18 - Vic Hinchliffe 9 - Tony Hardy 8(4) - Angus McKenzie 8.

           Estuary Eagles 38: Johnnie Brookes 13 - Val Hockley 11(3) - Mick Webb 8 - Brian Wiles 6(3).

Senior Grand Prix(for the Southend Standard Cup).

1st semi-final qualifiers:  Vic Hinchliffe 14, Furness 13, Adcock 11, Jackie Pinkerton 10, Ellis 10.

2nd semi-final qualifiers: Derek Garnett 15, Barry Woodcock 13, Boxall 12, Sid Russell 11, Daly 10, Johnnie Brookes 9.

Final: Garnett 13, Hinchliffe 12, Adcock 11, Brookes, Daly, Wallis(all 10), Pinkerton 8, Parkins 7.

Junior Grand Prix(for the Mick Webb Cup).

Furness 14, Hardy 12, Hunt(after run-off) 11, Hockley, Dicks(both 11), R. Russell 10, Kett 9, Attoe 8.

In 1980 13 team members rode in a 600 mile marathon along Southend Sea-front, braving driving wind and rain, to raise cash for Rochford Hospital. The Concorde Plant Hire sponsored club began their marathon at 1.00am on a Saturday morning, and raised the grand total of £1,500. A cheque for £750 was handed over to the Rochford Hospital by The Mayor Councillor Bill Bowyer at the Concorde Plant Hire headquarters in Comet Way. The rest will go towards the Eagles new track at Waterside Farm. Unfortunately one of the Eagles, namely Peter Brookes, ended up in the hospital itself when his front lamp came adrift in the conditions, entangling itself in the front wheel, and throwing him over the handlebars. He was taken to the hospital by a passing motorist, where he had stitches inserted into a nasty head-wound. 

Moved to a new track at Waterside Farm Sports Centre on Canvey Island in 1981, changed their name to Castle Point CSC.

Individual Honours.

1966 Chris Gooch(12) won British Individual Championship at Monksbrook Playing Field, Eastleigh, runner up Rod Mills(11) Southampton, 3rd Bill Savage(11) Warwick.

1967 Chris Gooch came 3rd in National Individual Final.

1969 Dave Tulloch(12) came runner-up in the Home Counties League Senior Individual Final at Epping.

1973 Val Hockley won the Home Counties Mirror Trophy, plus the Home Counties Individual at Headley.

Team Honours.

1963 won the St Johns Knock-Out Cup at Hungerford, beating Raynes Park Tigers 67-29 in the Final.

1964 came runners-up to Harefield Pirates in the Home Counties Div 1 League.

1975 came runners-up in the Southern Counties Div 2 League, this being their first year in the League.

1976 finished third in the Southern Counties Div 1 League.

1977 came runners-up in the southern Counties Div 1 League.

1978 won the Southern Counties Knock-Out Cup, beating Crawley in the Final.

1978 won the Southern Counties League Div 1 Title.

1978 won the Southern Counties Combination League Title.

Speedway Riders,

Terry Stone rode for Rayleigh Rockets.

Dick Searle became Team Manager at Canterbury Crusaders(!984-87)

Geoff Cable rode for Crayford and Hackney.


  • Rick Alderton
  • .... Beeston
  • N. Benson
  • John Berry
  • M. Bourne
  • George Bridge
  • Johnnie Brookes
  • Terry Butcher
  • Geoff Cable
  • Tony Callis
  • Barry Chalk
  • Peter Chilton
  • John Cook
  • George Cooper
  • J. Cripps
  • .... Diarch
  • John Earrey(1965)
  • P. Evans
  • Roger French
  • Tony French
  • A. Garner
  • A. Gibbons
  • Chris Gooch
  • K. Goslin
  • Mike Green
  • Terry Greenaway
  • Barry Hill
  • Bernie Hill
  • H. Hill
  • Russell Hill
  • Alan Hockley
  • Val Hockley(1962 +)
  • Austen Horrex
  • B. Howell
  • Stewart Howell
  • R. Hughes
  • A. Hurrell
  • N. Jackson
  • Trevor Jones
  • P. Keegan
  • Brian Milbourne
  • Pete Moss
  • B. Murray
  • John Pace
  • R. Palmer
  • A. Philpot
  • D. Pike
  • Graham Priest
  • Roger Rolph
  • Dave Russell
  • Roy Russell
  • T. Ryall
  • Dick Searle
  • Norman Smith
  • John Spooner
  • S. Spooner
  • Ian Stallard(1965)
  • S. Stone
  • Terry Stone
  • Dave Symonds
  • Dave Terry
  • Neville Thompson
  • Stan Thompson
  • Dave Tulloch
  • P. Turner
  • Roy 'Nobby' Watson
  • Mick Webb
  • Stan Whitton
  • Brian Wiles
  • Pat Wilkins
  • .... Wilkinson
  • Den Winch
  • John Wright


  • Robert Barnes
  • Johnnie Brooks
  • Phillip Burgess
  • G. Cable
  • E. Callys
  • Barry Chalk
  • B, Chessman
  • Chris Cummings
  • Gary Cunnington
  • Mick Curry
  • Alan Fitzjohn
  • John Fromant
  • Chris Gooch
  • Peter Griffiths
  • Vic Haines
  • Eric Hemsley
  • Bernard Hill
  • Val Hockley
  • Nigel Hoggart
  • Michael Hooke
  • Austen Horrex
  • Stewart Howell
  • P. Hudson
  • R. Hughes
  • Dave Jones
  • Keith Nevard
  • Tony Ridgwell
  • Roy Russell
  • Glen Short
  • M. Smith
  • Chris Strutt(1977)
  • Dave Symonds
  • Jason Taylor
  • John Taylor
  • Alan Thompson
  • Tony Tyler
  • L. Vining
  • Shane Webb
  • .... Williams
  • Craig Wright
  • John Wright(capt)


  • D. Abbott
  • S. Abbott
  • Pete Brookes
  • John Fromant
  • Peter Griffiths
  • Val Hockley
  • N. Kemp
  • R. Kemp
  • Tom Naylor
  • Chris Paine
  • K. Pryce
  • Tony Ridgewell
  • Chris Strutt
  • D. Symonds
  • John Taylor
  • Dave Tulloch
  • John Wright
  • John Wyatt